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 respiratory alkalosis mechanism  

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I wanted to know that in respiratory alkalosis due to hyperventilation pac02 falls and according to equation CO2 (g) + H20 (l) <=> H2CO3 (aq) <=> H+ (aq) + HCO3- (aq ) it shifts to literature they say H+ and HCO3 combine to form carbonic acid and it dissociates into co2 and h2o.but they say protons are lost and ph rises causing alkalosis. My question is when H+ AND HCO3 both combine and so are lost then why ph rises.shoudnt ph stay unchanged.if my question is not clear I can elaborate.


Respiratory alkalosis generally occurs when some stimulus (see "Causes" below) makes a person hyperventilate. The increased breathing produces increased alveolar respiration, expelling CO2 from the circulation. This alters the dynamic chemical equilibrium of carbon dioxide in the circulatory system, and the system reacts according to Le Chatelier's principle. Circulating hydrogen ions and bicarbonate are shifted through the carbonic acid (H2CO3) intermediate to make more CO2 via the enzyme carbonic anhydrase according to the following reaction:

\rm HCO_3^- + H^+ \rightarrow H_2CO_3 \rightarrow CO_2 + H_2O
The net result of this is decreased circulating hydrogen ion concentration, and thus increased pH (alkalosis). There is also a decrease in ionized blood calcium concentration


Thank you my friend...I fully agree with your point.but my question is when bicarbonate combines with proton and both are lost but ph increases as u said coz there is net loss of protons my point is what about loss of bicarb.what effect does LOSS OF BICARBONATE have on ph.if both are loss equally then shoudnt ph remain unchanged?

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