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 Need some opinions please .  

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Hi guys,
Help me please if anyone have a realistic idea or had similar situation.

I took recently my step 2 cs exam in Phila and as every one i feel like i got lots of mistakes what make me feel really bad about the result.
Exam was exhausted.
Briefly talking what devastating me are these mistakes:

1- did not ask OBGYN for some F cause were above 55 and i thought it is not important.
2- Did focused exam , but did not do CV, lung for all, if it is not card/pulmo case.
3-Forget to do Chest percussion for SP with cough.
4-I forget to counseling about drug induce stomach dz and to tell patient to not take it, but i wrote right ddx in this case.
5-One case , last one was vague , i tried to figure out what the cause but only few symptoms i found, did mini + neuro for it, not really sure about it, really worry about it.
6-PN: I didn't accomplish 2 of them , did wrote full PE the other messed up with ddx
7-Interrupted politely one patient that he talked for 1 min after my question so couldn't take notes.

So, i am really worry more about my ICE skills part.
What i did good was:
1 Introduce my self, patient name, my name , knock the door.
2 ask if they feel comfortable, showed empathy ( maybe too much) , helped to change position during PE.
3 try to answer all their questions as much as i could.
4 washed my hands always. smiled where it is possible , not too much in acute pain cases. did eye contact.
5 Performed mostly focused exam.
6 talked slowly, tried to explain what could be the cause of their symptoms in a simple way.
7 Always finished on time or 1 min before except 1st case was nervous.
8 did conseling .
9 didn't reillicit painful points again.
10- I asked additional questions during PE.

SPs were really good and cooperative ,but the atmosphere in the exam makes you feel the somehow strange..
Thank you in advance , and wish me good luck please .

Edited by Tamaria on Apr 18, 2014 - 12:17 PM


Hi Dr,
Well honestly nobody can say for sure if u ll pass or fail ,it s a subjective test by subjective I mean it depends on the sp to evaluate your performance ,it seems to me u did well ,we all made mistakes and forget a lot of things we cannot do everything or at least for my case .I ve taken the test in philly as well and I felt ok afterward but few days later I started remembering my mistakes it was killing me especially I took the exam on the beginning of feb and got the result by april so u can imagine the torture but the best thing is not to thing about the test what is done is done u can t change it .so enjoy urself and ur free time if it s ur last step or prepare for the next if still some steps the point is get urself busy and u ll forget abt it at least up to a week before the result .btw I ve passed it with high performance in all components and I wish u the same .
All the best .


Hi dr Zina2010.
Thanks for your feedback , and I'm agree that we can't change anything , I'll try to not think about it ..
Congratulation to you .
Hope I'll get a positive result , that make me feel better and relieve all these pain and worries .

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