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 do I match in 2015?  

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Hi guys,
I am an img, an internist in my country,step1:258, step 2ck:265, hope to take cs in july,have 3 pubmed publications,no usce,need visa, lor from my country, yog 2008, want IM
Is it appropriate to get in 2015 match even without us lor or minimal usce? Or postpone it another year?


Apply, don't post pone. The longer you wait the worse your chances. Your scores are great.


You sound very confident that you will have access to USCE. If you have access to it, complete it now, before applying in September. If you don't have concrete plans for USCE now, you may be waiting another year on speculation.


Good scores, higher than most. Experience back home will be an addition. 40% of programs don't like old grads (cutoff of 5 years), community programs may not care as much and will value your experience.

Either way, HURRY UP! The number of DO/US citizen IMG are increasing steadily from the offshore schools and the number of residency slots are slightly increasing (but not enough to keep pace I am afraid).

Either way, HURRY UP!


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thank you guys for your answers.


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