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Agree, few hr consistantly daily that I forgot that though I said I shall do daily no matter what [ words of MJ ... mominjuggling ?? where ].

Have to sit, open kaplan and FA and Q . thnx guys ... you all reminded me do not stop or holding study days.

GL in ur study , me too nod


yes for ppl like me where we r multi tasking ....definitely its a challenge but dont give up or loose hope....just think ....there is a shortage of primary care physicians here ...soo over time, somewhere some miracle there is a chance..... so give it ur best and try for nbme more than 500 and ur gold....if u can get out of med school.....dont let this exam make u get stuck....even a few hrs somehow maybe it mite take u two yrs to pass but u can do it!!
push all damn negative ppl out llet s do this.

today is hemostasis and review of neoplasia...took aprint out of the memorizing part n stuck it in a folder for just forgetful stuff!


Great words of encouragement!!!!
Thank u!!!!


thank u bakita!

so saturday was a day off....back to books now. finished chapter 4 and started chapter 5 for rbc s giving myself 20 days for finishing pathoma.
its very concentrated information.
im thinking of going over DIt after pathoma or kaplan one or the other.
did couple of questions friday.
so lets do this
little everyday is a progress for me right now.'


push all damn negative ppl out llet s do this ........... ie ur quote ........ very good words for us encouragingnod , inspiring nod

ppl like to say immpossible since log ago day 1 u liek to start/ try this exm to residency and even some of them after telling us nonsense / or foolish to go for this path they themselves later yrs secretly trying and became MD practing Dr in USA now so .......... yes girls....... hope for / wish for it and study hard with our strong sincere will, we will be there nod

little everyday is a progress for me right now.' ... that u said........ good going and can't agree more all u said.

Hope I can start today then leads to good studing mode and good going nod

See you around , lets keep studying nod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


ok soo doing Anaemias had a couple of hrs to study but studied solid....might put in more hrs tomorr to recover from loss....
as for now ill have to take only one day off and continue
will finish till wbc s and then review pathoma from chap one for two hrs with ne one online.


ok this is my schedule...gonna take till feb end to finish pathoma in details with u world questions.
going to review till it becomes part of my dna!!!!!!


today im gonna challenge myself n push myself to finish anaemia.s will report how it goes.


Hey how was anemia experience? share


hey sorry didnt get time to update .......on vascular pathology now....pushed myself to finish anaemia s in 5 hrs that day....then next day with fresh mind did wbc s n=..took a break n now vascular path.'


yay down with vascular ..before i start cvs gonna take day to just review from chap 1
to chap 7......already my memory is failing me...gotta keep it alive.
the reason its taking so long is cuz im doing goljan simult and u world quest
this is helping me.


Have a good wk end.

V cold and snowy here.
Can't wait to get spring.

Will do Golj book and UW Q later, good that u are there alreadynod

See u around, lets keep moving forwardwink

Hope I can start all in place from kap, FA and Q then UW soon.smiling facenod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


finished cvs pathoma tubed and studied the murmurs.....on resp now will hopefully finish today.
lots of information and trying to just memorize FA as i go along but def need to revisit till it all solidifies.
its gonna probably head into march with pathoma...but not gonna give up and push through n rely on my memory that its there somewhere in my brain.'


so, done with resp GIT and liver...will post when done some more.
its soo overwhelming the amount of information to retain.gotta keep revising as i move along but it just takes forever to get thro the vids and then revising takes more time and then if i do questions it takes even more time. aah!


ok soo i need one interested to review pathoma with me plz inbox ur info.
having a hard time retaining the info as keep going forward.
any one wants to review pathoma basics any chapter inbox me.


finished renal and female system with gestational path.
next male reprod

need to memorize MI, nephrotic and nephritic syndrome, hepatitis, ovarian tumors

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