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thank u guys for ur tryinf to get over my anxiety...but honestly it goes wid confidence.we ll see what happens if im not ready im not gonna go forward with this date i took but if im ready n scoring good im gonna go regardless what happens


Agree with indo ... take when u think u r ready , yes ... u knwo ur self.

PPl will say will never ready for this ... just take it , stop listen those, u know when u r ready , trust urself with clear open mind though. Mean while hav eto study hard, well too nod

All the best nod

Bug me when u need any wink u know where to right smiling face

Wk end is busy hope coming wk mid wk will be less busy .

Keep in touch nod


yup...look at the score...

good solid score consistent with three nbme' a green go...nodnod

all the will make it..nodnod


Hi makeitorbreakit!!!
Ik I'm a beginner to give u a good advice, but I think I'm like u cuz I cant work under stress. So, I agree with Indomethacin, you shouldn't rush for this exam. Take your time!, and try to relax. U r doing a great job, so u need to have more faith in you. nod
I like ur idea too. Keep studying and if u r ready 4 the date u picked,go 4 it, & if u aren't ready delay ur exam.
Good luck my friend!!!
U can do this!!!!


yes thanks all of u guys! yes i decided i needed more time....havent pushed my date yet i still have time will take another NBME n then decide...atleast having that option is soo less stressful....


did 100 questions scored weak areas are cns drugs antipyshotics for some reason they r not sticking but ill re do them again. doing CNS path...once cns is over next will be GIT scoring pretty low on that as i went over it very fast and didnt review properly.
wow october was some month for me....persistence patience ..ill will make mistake was i assessed myself too early with an nbme but atleast i know wher i stand.
i have 800 questions left on u world.....learning alot november will be pure FA and u world questions and nbme


did 46 questions did above avg more importantly i knew what they were asking as i touched almost all topics soo far...reviewed another 15 wrong questions...its all about training ur mind into eliminating the wrongs and picking the right.......
if i continue with positive attitude i can finish this with a good score.
areas of concern
ANATOMY (suck)
BIOCHEM very volatile will do one chapter a day along with regular read.
im gonna finish these in next few weeks.


Hey it's great that you've pinpointed your weaknesses, that will definitely help you increase your score on your next assessment.

Good job!


ok back to books now ...totally freaked out n took a break gotta see things more realistically.
new approach
reiew all systemsplus anatomy pharm micro
this will be my proper second read.
starting today with anatomy.
shud go bettter as i have a basic idea just need to memorize as i go along.
its surprising that i scored the higher side on musculoskeletal system even though it was my 1st read.wanted to kick myself as i reviewed my nbme n realized that under stress i picked wrong answers.
i guess somethings just stick n somethings need repetition like biochem immuno'
gotta go about this will hope second round goes faster and smoother.


day 2 of anatomy


Hope u r studying hard, well, and keep ur over stress [ w enee dlittl eorelse we are so relax.. now am in that mode sticking out tongue sort of due to busy with fm and other stuffs though still studying grin ] .

GL to me nod, us nod, all nod


hey thanks im back!
lost my momentum after the nbme but im here now til the exam!
got my new scheduling permit still afraid to take date but aiming for feb but...we ll see...based on nbme!
ok so target for dec finish one read and take an nbme.
still have to finish u world 34% left.
what i ve realized dont cancel or make a date till u know u have passed an nbme and build it up. or eslse u burn out...n be prepared to score bad on nbme ..the first time u give it!
after asking alot of ppl...honest replies where everyone bombs the nbme first time but in a short period of time u build it up....wih multiple revisions...soo lets see what future hold for me....but im gonna be positive!
lets do this!


doing biochem over again ...really didnt get enzyme kinetics looking at it properly.
soo far so good will update once im done


wow i really overestimated i never actually watched kaplan vids properly for wonder my concept was weak...finally making sense.
gotta pick up pace!


covered FA whatever i finished in kaplan..still have genetics to go ...but so far soo good. giving till wednesday and wll finish off u world questions.
had alot of distractions ...will stick to my schedule more from tomorr.


ok im starting again
after loosing the motivation i completely lost here im back again.
this time till the end.
please God help me thro....
ok so this is what im going to do ...cover u world questions carefully and do a chapter of pathoma.
till i finish.
i finished chapter 1.
tomorr will do chapter 2 and u world block
its soo embarassing to keep studying for this exam....need to move on with this.
everyone who r in this situation lets do this little steps maybe someday we will give it!


Hi makeitorbreakit!!
I'm glad u r back, and same situation here, but we have to think positive and work really hard. The good thing is that we r still trying.
So, let's do this until the end
Good luck with ur schedule!!!


did a coupleof questions from u world...basically dissected everything even the wrong answerchoice went thro with FA now doing neoplasia...
makes more sense as patho inflammation chapter had alot immuno integrated into it.
and neoplasia has alot of cell cycle integrated which i covered also from DIT foundations made more sense doing it this way.

now i have to actively learn n finish memorizing stuff like all the abl, n myc c myc.
i heard something soo encouraging that in exam the answer is right there in front of u as one of the choices, .....just gotta see it.
gotta be confident in my prep.
so this what im gonna go
finish 2200 u world questions in aonth n do another read of everything again ..give an nbme and then based on that another read with another q bank .
lets do this!


U r doing a great job nod
Keep going!!!


finishing last sectn of neoplasia....began with reviewing stuff already i covered.
then im gonna head thro 2nd chap n then a couple of questions...its a slow process but whatever helps
thanks bakita....u tooo...keep going nothing matters even if u give few hrs consistency is the key!

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