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Keep at it, all the best man.


thanks indomethacin! u too!
gotta save some shows for those kinda days.
ok still on renal but ill switch to resp soon.good luck to everyone!


target for 3 days finish left over renal and rest of resp.10 ps micro
then monday cvs and 10 pgs micro.


finsished renal finally....did almost all q fro u world except maybe 27 r left.
gonna continue resp n finish it off.
im getting nervous these days thinking about the exam.


ok finished all of renal u world questions with review and did half of resp physio,
took alot of tie decidinf wher to finish as FA was insufficient.


Excellent job makeitorbreakit!!!!!
Keep up the good work my friend wink
How is it going with your 10pages of Micro??
R u going to take the kaplan 7hr exam like our friends qirkergaard & Indomethacin??
Good luck with ur prep nodnodnod


hey struggling still ith respiratory physio...sticking to kaplan for it as FA is vague for me.'its just taking not far from that mode yet. i took sunday morning no micro yet behind my schedule but will be positive still have time to fiinish hopefully...
hows ur studies going?


done with physio from kaplan ..took almost 2 days. did questions obviously some concepts were completly new for me took notes and didnt score well but learnt.
now hitting patho and pharm part.


Finished resp finally... Did 60 questions scored good.
Gonna do cvs murmurs let see how much I remember I did back in July aug.


Hey ... kap physio , lots to digest indeed... that slows me down too sticking out tongue after that all will be breezenod

Anyway , just come say hi and bye , I will not check forum much so do pm me if need any .

Am reviewing my physio kap and hope will do kap QB q in physio toonod

GL to menod , usnod , all nod


started cvs half way done did pathoma and more than half pf kaplan physio...still soo much to cover wiil switch to micro for 2 hrs and come back to this...soo overwhelmed byt te amount of information u need to retain....its like u dont have time to one plz advice how to go about this beast of an exam!


finally finished cvs...second read took long mpstly cuz i wanted to quit and had a serious panic my nbme wasnt good at all this exam is soo tuff...but one thing at a time...will finish u world next time i take nbme.


finally micro is sinking in.....will update once i finish wit micro


reviewing is such a painful task cuz it makes u realize how much u still dont know n stuff u know is fading....i wonder what ppl do to get 260 ....this is probably the toughest exam ive ever given. ..its such struggle everyday trying to stay posiitve ..thinking it ll get better....positivity.
honestly i wanted to give up.i am a bad test taker ...... but then again i cant do this do myself and my family over again.its the last couple of weeks where you makeit or break it...its easier to give up and blame the circumstances for me but regardless of anything i will give my best ....but i know my Lord will carry me thro...


Hey keep reviewing fun more u review, more u know ....... right .

pm u just now .

Kepe in touch... be postive like other frds said ... forgot already since brain is full of physio info for now for me sticking out tongue

What difficult .. w emad eto this sid eof world, we did worst night mare of viva voce, clinical with real pts PE , on spot our consultant Q with the look ......... what else more scarier than that with unseen , real pt to answer do all in short/ long case exms after exm on top of eassy answer , short answer theory, bed sides .......... so now is just peac eof cake though really big onesticking out tongue
so pretend chees ecake or chocalte or straberry ro even angle cake sas ur favorite one , choose one or all as far a su knwo cleraly and can digest all without end up with over etaing to ER tX sticking out tongue

Sorry just try to cheere u up, keep ur stress less to ake it joke ... yes , try a sfun way then u will be all good.

I was lucky to get to got into concert of really composer of final fantasy's in town with performing all the best of each # ... that really clear, un frozen my mind, body jst b4 cS biggest feast wink it's my true best b4 exm experinces helped me good.

Now desperately looking for/ wish some thing b4 exm will get some relax, destress show to go for sticking out tongue

All the best, try ur bets with fun mood nodcoolnod


thnks shwe!......i started cns today. bad start but dragged myself to the lib to feel better and to get out of self pity far ...finished 2 pgs so far ....gonna do the tracts today.
so far cns is not bad...still remember...cant except to prolong this study as u keep forgetting...but whatever...gotta finish now so back to books!
good luck everyone


doing cns making sense ...2nd read...still i think questions are way too challenging then the notes..obviously.
lets push thro this n get it over yes!


i need more time for multiple revisions im only on my second read...honestly i feel like pushing my date to another month.....the anxiety is affecting me and its becoming at a point where im 50% there with my studies but still 50% needs to be build up....with questions and one month is gonna help me ...plz someone advice


Trust me the best thing you can do for now is to get rid of that anxiety in someway or the other. A little anxiety certainly helps but too much of it just hinders your goals. When you say revisions, do you mean revisions of FA? or Kaplan? coz if it' s the latter, then you really have to do Kaplan only twice, that's more than enough.

Edited by qirkergaard on Oct 25, 2014 - 7:17 AM


Take it when you feel confident and ready, this test is amongst the many things in life that should not be rushed. Just my two cents man.

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