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starting this journal to help me find the courage to continue consistently everyday as it comes.
small targets thats the aim
study time is 6-8hrs
covered so far
kaplan 1st read....forgot already(sadly)
so this what i decided first aid and kaplan q bank for now
whatever i need to cover while going thro FA will add in.

biochem over
repro over
i dont mind reviewing this wid ne one as per convenience.
doing Endocrine from Kaplan n FA


pushing through ADH and ANP from kaplan
next is to integrate it with FA ' hormone will be calcium


Finished kaplan endocrine except male and female endocrine but already covered from FA
now doing FA from endocrine and gooing to grill myself with questions.....have less time today to study so lets see


took a break now back today just gonna revise what i completed soo far.


see the bigger picture....exm is the end of this misery i put myself into.i have to study wid a target and that will motivate me.cant be worried and not set a date. so lets see ill finish calcium and phospate today and do question study time 4-5 hrs only today.
lets do this will report once i finish calcium and phosphate.


Hey makeitorbreakit,

Woah, it is a very intense nickname! smiling face But I like it, because it is so true!

I am not doing very well, but I am trying to push myself!

Hope you are going on well!! GOGOGO!! smiling face



makeitorbreakit How is ur study progress....wish u good luck for study. keep going...


thank u soo uch everyone ....going to pick up momentum soon almost done with endocrine...calcium and phosphate is bogging me down even though im getting the concept but still suffer from ocd so cant move ways one day one topic at a time.
yes this exam is make it or break it for me...soo much pending on it like everyone else...some make it thro some dont and thats reality..but i wish everyone does make it thro wid dedication and focus...

ok target for tomor 50 ques and review and then ill take it from there


finally made it to the lib ...hate it when i get stuck ....finally lets get on wid this
study time 7 hrs hope fully.
finish calcium and review endocrine move on!!!!!!
lets do this everyone!


think im gonna go for micro after endocrine...finished calcium and did a block of questions. fairly scored.
will finish hopefully endocrine today review in the morning and start micro....i hate getting stuck ...mental blocks really cant be at a topic for more than a week'


U r on the right track
Keep going!!
Good luck!!!


here at the lib against all odds....gonna start at 10 wid a questions and finish review hope fully in 1hr then start micro straight from FA....if needed info will watch kaplan vids ....lets do this.
bakita thank u soo much ur kind words of encouragement means soo much ....lets aim for 260..(hopefully wiil land around 230) hahha
stay positive and lets begin this


ok done wid questions and review. as u see took more time than i expected. i have another hr to finish atleast one pg of micro before i end it today......the odds just followed me to the lib n i have to cut short my study time for not complaining .....will make up the lost time by adding more hrs later...ok


started micro one week maximum.....mostly FA.
usually i dont study on weekends to avoid burnout but this week has been busy n alot of time got wasted so gonna study in bits n pieces
micro is easier to start n tops one week since i didnt do it b4.
ok lets continue


Good luck!, I hated micro (still do lol). It's one of those subjects (along with pharm and biochem) that need constant repetition!


okay micro isnt working for me......swtiching to something to boost up my confidence GIT here i come


everyone get a study partner .......doesnt matter how slow or fast u are just have someone to study with....


ok finished immunology from kaplan and made notes ...did FA but need to memorize...kaplan q bank has around 90 questions on it did 30question scoring well ....
started respiratory system from kaplan...has only 4 chapters but stuck one chapter 1 since yesterday have 3 more pgs to finish the 1st chapter might have to take abit more longer time than i expected.
so far on the list BIOCHEM,ENDO IMMUNO,PATHO,REPRO...ALL EVERY RAW 1ST READ OF FA....but just pushing thro....


did immuno question...such a confidence killer.....maybe its cause im not use to do doing questions .....i have to push through and keep immuno alive by constantly reviewing it. its such a volatile subject...but ill take it over resp anyday!
still stuck resp sys and its not moving fast.
i need to keep reviewing and keep moving forward and questions ....mantra till the exam!


Indeed it is quite a volatile subject and one that I hate with passion.

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