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 Am i on the right path?  

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hi, im an old graduate(dont know its true, i still feel fresh)march2011 graduated..i ve been working since the day of graduation , somtimes double/triple i couldnot prepare fr indian pg entrance immmediately after ug, which is like a tradition in here....last year only i decided to take on usmle...i ve no financial resources, i ve to work for my food...

i started with step2ck, coz i thought, since im working,and it has been more than 5yrs since i last read basic sciences, i ve a fair chance in clinical science....i could manage to read some 4-5 hrs/day since last july...i finished doing uw at 54%, with nbme equivalent of 187(230) actual exam date was dec i decided to postpone my exam....i couldnot read routinely because of my shift duty afterwards...
i resigned from my job and sat since this feb then most f all which i studied ve evaporated...i started over revising kaplan, uw (only reviewing )once again took notes of uw,mtb ,first aid...i could finish reading only medicine, psychiatry, og...i gave nbme form 2 yesterday, got only 219(400) ck date is only 4 days goin to cancel it...

.im having a shift job(3 shifts alternating every reliable sleep pattern/study pattern)....
any way i have to pay and apply again fr ck since my extension of eligibility period is over .... what is better? starting over with ck again... or first finish step 1 , then apply fr ck....


I was in similar position as you...been working 14yrs in India,...shift duties etc... had to shift to u.s.a. last year..i gave step 1 first.. scored 235.. I just studied Kaplan, for first 6 months...on and off... but in dec. I took whole month off and read first aid and goljan in one month only and solved Kaplan q bank..about half of it.. and gave step 1.. I didn't do any pretest assessment...just trusted my hard I wasn't willing to go through the torture again.
I advice you finish step 2ck first...I think it will be easier in your clinical setting and your preparation.. just buckle down and don't give yourself options.
I have just begun studying for step 2. my plan is essentially the same.. Kaplan, master the boards2&3, and usmle world qbank.
all the best.

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