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 Usmle exam within 7yrs  

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Hi Friends,
I need some advice from you on this.

I took step1 in 2008, step2ck in 2009, had attempts in step2cs and passed it in 2011.I have not taken step3 yet.
My step1 score crosses 7yrs on march 2015.
My question is...If I don't take step3 by march 2015, will I have to repeat all the steps after march 2015 in order to apply for residency..or will I have to take the steps one by one as they expire?

Also, while checking the requirements for taking step3, I found that some states like, New York, do not require passing of step1, step2ck and cs within 7 yrs for taking step 3..So what is the 7 yr timeline put for and which is the best place to find information on this..

Friends, please do reply if you have some knowledge on this...My future plannings depend on this...
Thanks a lot


Once you are ECFMG certified, you are for good. The 7 years rule does not apply to step 3. You can call ECFMG and they will tell you the same thing!


Dear Angeles,
Thank you very much for the posting..
As I have not matched yet and my scores are getting old, I want to retake my passed steps( step1, step2ck and step2cs)...

This is very important for me...I know with my existing scores it is difficult but I want be positive and keep trying for the match and want to retake my passed steps...

Do you have any idea on the regulations for retaking the passed steps after getting ECFMG certified? can I retake step1 after my step1 score crosses 7 yrs?

And one more question to you as well as everybody else in this forum...Can you give me any suggestions on what I can do to make my CV look better?

I really need help...please do reply if you have any idea on this!


As far as I know, once you are ECFMG certified, your scores are good for life and you cannot retake the exams. You can simply call ECFMG and they will answer all your questions in this regard!

As for how to improve your CV, many posts on this forum are full of advice, everyone's experience is different and you should try the things that would work for your specific stuation.


When we have meetings to select candidates to interview for our program, we don't just look at scores: it's much more about the "whole package". It was hard for me to get used to initially as an IMG but now it makes sense. There are no fixed criteria for a good CV. Research, good clinical work with LORs, publications or even a special hobby may make you stand out.

Many state medical licensing boards have requirements for completing USMLE steps within a certain number of years: Please check before you apply at this FSMB website-

You cannot get into a residency without a medical license.


Two things here

1: ECFMG CERT has nothing to do with 7 year rule. Its 7 years from when you passed step 1

2: You do not need a medical license in the US for a residency, I think the other poster meant be eligible for one. All US states but one require IMG/FMG to have 3 years of a US residency to apply for a license

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