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Hi Aaurora!!!
I like your plan nod
Good luck with your studies
. WE CAN DO IT!!!!


Welcome back.

Good to see done some then you are picking up studying .

Keep going . Last yr I had so many going on so have to slow down a bit though keep studying till DEc I took vacation long one now back ... hoping to study hard soon wink

Yes work when u focus the study always lack or slow .

Do as your life balance but do not lost the study track liek u r now back to it .

GL to menod, usnod, allnod


hey ur journal so motivating ....i can relate to ur condition.....come on lets make 2015 the year to count and be done with this exam


Awww thank you so much guys for stopping by "shwe,bakita,and makeitorbreakit"

Love you so much

Trust me working plus managing study is so tough, at least for me.

Side Note : "Some days are so tough that i feel like i can't do it, but then my heart says "hey com'on ! YOU CAN DO IT" and i come back to the books but really if one really wants to ace this exan he/she has to be persistent and keep going no matter wWHAT with no PROCRASTINATION."

Besides, i could manage to finish at least something, now i am starting system wise daily.

Starting with Respiratory system :

I am tired after work but i think i can study lil bit right now.

Keep marching folks

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