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Dear BBB, I've searched tremendously for an answer to my question with no success.

I need to know how to answer the "was your medical education/training extended or interrupted" question. See, in my country I completed my undergrad courses and then transferred to medical school. Between this time frame I did take a break, but since I had not started "medical school" yet, I don't know if this applies. So basically, I took a break after my undergrad courses but before medical school/training. My medical training in medical school was not interrupted.

Is this a yes or a no? Because I'm pretty sure it would be a no for AMGs, but I don't know how to answer that as an IMG.

Help please.



No, it wasn't interrupted. Your medical school transcript should list the number of years you were enrolled in med school. If that is the standard duration of med school in your country, the answer is "no".

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