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100. Pediculosis papebraum is caused by
a. Body louse
b. Pubic louse
c. Head louse
d. Pediculosis semian species
101. Congenital atresia is seen most commonly in which
a. Ileal
b. Doudenal
c. Proximal colon
d. Distal colon
102. According to Samson's theory endometriosis is caused
a. Lymphatic embolization
b. Hormonal imbalance
c. Endometrial metaplasia
d. Transmembrane permeation
103. The maturation of graafian follicles is best monitored by
a. Endometrial biopsy
b. Transvaginal ultrasound
c. Progesterone levels
d. Temperature changes
104. Primary ovarian failure is treated by
a. GnRH levels
b. FSH
c. Oestrogen and progesterone supplementation
d. Bromocriptine
105. In median episiotomy which of following is seen
a. Increased blood loss
b. Increased dyspareunia later
c. Increased pain
106. The type of uroporphyrinogens and
coproporphyrinogens seen in congenital erythropoitic
porphyreas is
a. Type I
b. Type II
c. Type III
d. Type IV
107. Suicidal attempts are more commonly seen all of the
following except
a. Old age
b. Severe depression
c. Panic attacks
d. Bipolar disorder
108. Single gene disorder causes all of the following diseases
a. Familial hypercholesteroleamia
c. Systemic hypertension
d. Sickle cell disease
109. Post ovulation there is a rise in all of the following
hormones except
a. Estradiol
b. Estriol
c. Progesterone
d. Inhibin
110. Which of the following is not a contraindication for trial
of labour
a. Breech
b. Central placenta previa
c. Hysterotomy
d. Post myomectomy

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