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 Passed!!!! ??????  

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I just received my exam score today and thanks to the lord I PASSED (216).
I have never posted on this website before but I feel somewhat obligated to write about my experience so it can reach those students that have been extremely anxious after taking this test.

First of all, I would like to say that after taking the test I "knew" I had failed, I had never felt this way after taking an exam and I felt horrible for the past 3 weeks while waiting for the results. I did not wanted to talk to family or friends about it. Reading the comments on this website certainly does not help since most people have a tendency to seek help or post only after they have had a bad experience.

I will not go into details about my preparation as many websites have plenty of advices and another one would only bring more confusion. In summary, I am a third year resident ( this does not help on the exam, if possible, take right after step 2) 3 months prep, UW average ~55%, Kaplan ~54%, I bought 2 forms for nbme, did the first one and my score was horrible (can't recall the exact number), I was scared and decided not to take the second one....

I kept reading from many posts on the web that one must do well on CCS in order to pass and that you cannot mess up more than 2 cases otherwise you will automatically fail. Bullsh+++!!!!! CCS is extremely extremely important and I recommend preparing well for it but in my experience I had 12 cases. I did perfect in 6 cases, mess up badly in 3 cases and forgot some minor/major things on the other 3 cases. All of my cases were from either USMLE world cases or First aid book....prepare well but do not freak out. I never looked at the ARCHER videos and after the test that was one of my regrets, I thought I had "failed" because of that...however, I PASSED so I guess it is not essential.

In summary, I would like to thank the lord for always being on my side. I would recommend you guys to study hard and forget about these internet just brought me anxiety and I postponed my test twice. My final advice: if you feel like you failed after taking the test, forget it and relax....chances are you passed and actually did really well. BTW, this the higher of all of my scores. I passed my step 1 and 2 on my first attempt but all my scores were below scoring 216 on Step 3 after thinking I had failed the exam was a pleasant surprise. Best of luck for everyone. Bye Bye USMLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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