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 My step 2 CK experience & advice  

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Hello everybody,
I am going to tell you about my Step 2 CK experience. First of all, I want to thank this forum and forum members because this forum has made 'waiting for result' bearable for me. I took my exam on Oct 4th and got result on Oct 23rd. During this time I was so stressed out that I cant even explain it. Only thing that relieved my anxiety to some extent was reading people's experiences on this forum!
So now I consider that its my duty to post experience for others to read.

So I did Step 2 CK preparation for 3 and 1/2 months.
I read Kaplan notes once, FA once, MTB (OBGYN/Peds). Solved UWorld twice (although second time I could not complete all the questions). 1st- 67% 2nd- 88%
When I solved Uworld 2nd time, I wrote all concepts or points that I repeatedly forgot or made mistakes with.
I thought my prep was really good. I did not have time to take NBME so I took the exam directly. Two days before exam I started with very bad pharyngitis. But postponing was not an option for me so I went ahead n took the exam. I had to take 6 brufen pills during entire day of exam bcoz of this pharyngitis. I was very tired coz of coughing the whole time. Plus actual exam has very lengthy questions and Drug ads take up all your time so I had so much problem with time management that I had to struggle for last 2/3 questions in each block. In one block I had 8 que remaining at the 5 min warning. I might have randomly clicked 2/3 qs on this block and might have missed 2/3qs. so total I missed around 10/12 qs. Also in many qs I had to guess the answers or had to choose between 2 closest options.
Well, this entire experience was enough for me to consider that I failed the exam for sure. BUT by God's grace I PASSED with average score.
So take home msg for you guys:
1) Practice Practice and Practiec ques in timed mode. You have to finish Uworld block with 10/12 mins remaining
2) Take NBME before the exam
3) Dont look at the previous que once you click the answer

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