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 somatic hypermutation  

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Plz someone explain in detail bout somatic hypermutation and affinity maturation.


Somatic hypermutation : is basically a single point mutation in a B cell idiotype and it increases the antibody's affinity for the antigen.
Over time the cells with better affinity start dominating so much so that only clone that have good affinity will be produced >> affinity maturation.


Changes in DNA coding of variable region (where antigen sticks) leads to SOMATIC HYPERMUTATION and this lead to production for antibodies with increased affinity for the type of antigens (AFFINITY MATURATION)


Somatic hypermutation(SHM) is a delicate enzymatic procedure utilized by B cells to generate antibodies.. The human immune system is highly adapted to build an huge diversity of antibodies against foreign pathogens using limited set of genes..

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