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 231 to 269 :)  

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hey hey I changed my mind and read Dr.Fisher ethics book today since it was so popular and I had it in my hand.... I don't know why its so popoular, even its a good book, explainations are not that perfect... But I am glad I read it today.... Its a small book, 5-6 hours is enough to finish both the content and 100Q if you have good background of medical ethics and not reading it word to word.... Maybe becuse Dr.Dougherty gave me really good overall explaination , which made the book seemed easy to read.

I have 1.5 hpurs left today until pick my baby from preschool, so should I start UW or maybe subscribe and start tomorrow???? Maybe I will try free one block Q's that Kaplan offer????

Okay, i'll go with the Kaplan grin


Finally, I just recieved my permission I am registered to take USMLE step 2 CK between Dec 2013-Feb2014 Wanna choose my date after finishing UW once.

After I did one free block of Q from Kaplan Qbank yesterday, I felt I am still too "RAW" I have to do more n more Q'sssssssssssss

Edited by igot269 on Nov 13, 2013 - 12:34 PM


Im depressed after start doing UW I am not performing good, i know its a learning tool, but my scores are not getting better but worse


Im being so slow..... But that's okay As long as I am learning from it.

Dont surprise how bad my performance is, bc I am being honest here

So far did only 3 blocks, 52%, 50%, 50%.

There is 2214 test on UW. I have 2082 more to go.

Will review today's test, it could take forever since I had half of them wrong.....

I started reviewing MTB 2 this morning. A chapter a day, followed by 1-2 blocks of UW dayly on weekdays (I wish I had full day and be able to study on weekends But I am thankful for having 7-8 hours on weekdays)

Go go go, I can do it..... No depression............ (I got my scheduling permit today )


My score is everywhere.... 48% 50% 48% 57% 61% 68% ...... 1990 tquestion to go.

Inf.disease & allergy and immunology reviewed.

Edited by igot269 on Nov 18, 2013 - 3:58 PM


Finished reviewing cardiology form MTB2

today I got 45% on UW..... I am depressed, some Q's making silly mistakes, some Q's i really could't figure out the answers....

I relly have to study harder and read more........


Endocrinology reviewed,

UW score: 61%


What's wrong with meee??? today I got 52% on UW sad

Okay, I am not posting my score day by day anymore.

Study and


Hey man, as long as you are learning from world. Don't use world to assess yourself. Just keep getting better. The only real tool out there to assess yourself is these nbmes and uwsa.

Keep Going. No letting up!


@sjayd87 thank you for your comment smiling face (I am a mom---a girl btw hehe )

Yes, you are right, its not for assess but to learn from UW, and I am getting better and reading MTB too, so score is getting better, and i feel better even though thats not the estimator

Good luck


reviewed lung & rheumatology form MTB and getting better score on UW, overall correct is 55% and standing on 17th percentile means 83% of ppl are doing better than me

But I am getting better and better and better ..... hitting 60 everytime

I love medicine....


My bad optimistic mom . I get so pumped when I do these uworld questions. Trying to make good notes of concepts that i don't understand a 100%. Keep going!


this long long holiday vacations are finally off and I can be studying with my busy schedule for 3 more weeks..... Then x-mas----family visits------finally i can study again from mid January and wanna end CK BY JANUARY I have to get high scooooooooore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is your dream, your life, you, only you can help yourself and achieve your goal................ study study study hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets read some from MTB and do more Q's from Qbank

I love medicine,

I will get 269 rhis timne for suuuuuure!!!!! I wanna make it suuuure and I want and need 269 so so bad....... This is my destiny------>>>> 269 is my destiny----->>>>> go and get it! Study hard and smart and get your ------>>>>>>> 269!!!!


git bad scores in the begining so still at 56% overall correct and at 19th percentile. But that's okay, im progressing and learning a lot.

Have done 30% of UW, still reading MTB 2---- IM

I love medicine.

I will get 269


I have finished 45% of UW and 55% left. Almost finished MTB2 and reading MTB3 for subjects other than IM.


Happy holiday everyone!

Hope many of you have time and heart to study during these days....

I finished MTB 2, MTB 3 and finished 55% of UW, scoring 60-70%

Will have a gap of 3-4 weeks due to family visit and my daughter's school's holiday break....

Will return with whole lot of energy after new year and finish step 2 ASAP

Happy holidays to all my friends, bro's and sis's here and wishing you all a very merry xmas and very productive, successful enw year ahead smiling face

I Love Medicine


I am back with full energy.......... let's start my battle to nail the CK

2 blocks of UW a day and a chapter from UW+Kaplan IM lecture note, progress day by day -> finish UW on Jan 27th. I will report daily.

I will get 269

I love medicine.


Igot269: Happy studying and good luck! Keep up the good work!


I finished total of 11 blocks during last week and read Ob and GYN from both MTB 2&3. Also some random chapters from endocrinology.

I forgot tomorrow is the Sir Martin's bday and my daughter has no school and had my shcedule accordingly....... But that's okay, i will try to do at least one block tomorrow.

I am doing great, my brain was little frozen from that 3 weeks of gap but gained my streght pretty fast. Now I am feeling the test, feeling the questions and scores raised to 70+ havent reach 80+ yet but hopefully i will on next week smiling face

I Love medicine

I will get 269


Thank you Dr.Dangkhao

dangkhoa wrote:
Igot269: Happy studying and good luck! Keep up the good work!

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