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 231 to 269 :)  

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hey i completely forgot about the CK kaplan q book sticking out tonguesticking out tongue mind is completely occupied with uworld i guessgrin

So how do you find the CK q book....are the questions good? worth doing once?

On Oct 10, 2013 - 8:17 AM, igot269 responded:
Hey, i bought it on amazon, they have newest edition (6th edition ) just released on Oct 3rd, I am using 5th edition. IDK how UW Q's are, bc I havent subscribed it yet, but I feel Kaplan Qbook Q's are little bit of too obvious sometimes, maybe its bc I am doing these Q's just after I read the subjects..... but explanations are good, and its subject wise,  I am doing it only bc I wanted to spend less money and I wanted to do some Q's after every subject to boost my memory. But once I am done with my reading, i wouldn't do these Q's bc it has no time pressure or I cant manage it to mixed form....... in my opinion It would be great source in early preparation....

since it's Qbook, you have to deal with pages back and forth and which is driving me crazy grin 

good luck~


I am so excited to start OB/GYN finally smiling face Its not because its my favorite subject  but I am happy bc I am finally leaving pediatrict BEHIND meeeeeeeeee smiling face nod

I love medicine, 


Age related pregnancy risks are freaking me out!!!!! chances & risks of having bad things are going UUUPPPPPPP & goes UUUPPPPP after 30-35years of age...........

I have only one baby & have to study for my test & do residency-> find work & also have to have another baby (or babies)......... How are women supposed to do everything~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ shaking head awhhhh

Be strong and finish this beast ASAP & live a normal human LIFE smiling face


hahaha.........I bet every one of us in this reproductive age group + reading usmle + esp OBGYN!!nod have the doubts that you are having .....hahaha.........but like my mamma says...everything has its own time and when the right times comes things happen smiling face.for now lets just keep our worries limited to doing the studing part smiling face.........

As always uworld is the best tool for preps........

I would highly recommend starting it as early as possible........moreover doing uworld in step 2 ck ,you will find a lot of lot of familiar things , it would not like step 1......most of things are familiar and you want feel yourself an alien in the land of uworld even if you start early smiling face ( except cardio.......whatever i do, i dont get good scores smiling keep it at it !!lets do it smiling facesmiling face

On Oct 11, 2013 - 8:34 AM, igot269 responded:
hehe ok, thanks shells smiling face I will try to start UW ASAP smiling face I am rushing to finish these videos & LN ASAP & start my dear UW~

in the mean time, i didn't want to just read or watch, so picked up that Kaplan CK Qbook

Happy studying wink Study-succed-be happy & ->live a normal life very soon smiling face We all will nod


OB going so smooth..... happy studying~ try to finish as much as I can today, bc I will have 2 days gap in the weekend sad smiling face


Finished OB smiling face smiling face smiling face starting Gynecology right now smiling face

I love medicine


OB/GYN is done. Will do 100 OB/GYN questions from Kaplan Qbook... See how it goes.... I still need to revise ob/gyn once again.... but maybe not right now bc my brain is exhausted with ob/gyn...... maybe after finishing some other subjects, take a day or 2 to revise again....


yeah that's good idea................continuously reading one subject for longer times makes things monotonous!!........

Keep going!!


ob/dyn questions, 17 wrong over 100 Q's (17/100)

Move on to small subjects....


PM, Radiology done, doing dermatology with my "annoying but awsome" Dr.Fisher smiling face

I am one day closer to my goal than I was on Yesterday... I am being thankful and Happy everyday smiling face Only psotive energy leads to positive "things" ~ ~ ~

I love medicine ~


Dermatology, ophthalmology & emergency med is done yeeeeeeeeey smiling face

Now only 2 thin books left which are Surgery and Psychairy ect's ........ Then start my lovely UW

Now start surgery~

I love Medicine smiling face


Good going sis ......... yes lovely great teacher DR. Fischer , well he loves to tease students so ... forgive him sticking out tongue

Just like to say hi & wish u good studying too, me too wink


I am in love with Dr.Carlos Pestana despite his hard accents ~ ~ ~ He is amazing & making surgery much more learnable and reminded me how I wanted so bad and was willing to become a surgeon when I was in med school despite 10-12 hours of standing by just to doing a pulling with retractors, or holding laporoscoic camera or more excitingly opening and closing patient....... I am still in love with surgery I miss medicine sooooo much...... I wanna be there as soon as possible..... I had enough gap.... Now I have to work hard and get there ASAP!!!!!!!!

Welllllll if not becoming a cardiac surgeon by leaving my family and daughter behind me and not being there when she needs me , then lets at least become a cardiologist sice all my heart in medicine falls to heart anyway......

No wasting time........... Lets do more surgey ......

I love being here in the prep4usmle, bc here I have many ppl who are in same boat as I am & understand whats in my heart, so that I can express my thoughts and whatever I have ...........


@ shwe

hey sis, thanks for stopping by wink Good luck and beat this beasts ASAP together


Still on Surgery, but not much left, try to finish it on Wednesday if not tomorrow... But will try my best.

So excited to start epidemiology & Psychiatry after finishing Surgery ... Espesially epidemiology bc Dr.Daugherty is one of my Favorite faculty and watching his lecture is always fun & not paiful...... (i might gonna skip on my coffee & redbull on that day )

I am so close to finish my 1st round and start UW.......... Keep it up

I Love Medicine


Finihsed sugery yeeeeeeeeey

Now revise them a little & challange with 100Q from Kaplan Qbank


I had 16/50 and 11/50 & I don't know how good or bad is it that having this performance just after finishing a subject... (I did it on time pressure though) Many Q's were from the surgery book vignettes sad

Tomorrow is psychiatry day and treak or treat day

Good night world ~

I love medicine


Psychiatry is done

Start epidemiology on Monday~\

I Love Medicine


Finished epidemiology, Biostatistics & Ethics

It means :::::: I have just finished my 1st reading of everything ~~~ I finished all the Kaplan CK videos and LN once..............

My original plan was to finish it by November 1st, its november 5th and I think it's pretty close dating grin and I am happy because I finished it despite some distractions I had and followed my plan even I was backdated sometimes in the middle....... and made it up

I will subscribe UW tomorrow & the battle begins ( I was thinking one self assasment before I start, but the UW has only one self assesment????? I am keeping that for later use..... Kaplan doesn't have one unless I purchase the whole Qbank sad )

I Love Medicine


good answers thanks

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