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 231 to 269 :)  

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Hello everyone~

I am an old member of step 1 journal and finished Step 1 at the end of April this year, after long long time not studying, here I am... Starting to prep for CK from today. I have a pretty tight & organized plan and I hope I will and be able to follow them.

My dream (aim) was to get 269 and I landed 231 on my step 1.... this time i will fight for 269 for CK too smiling face

I can study 5 days a week while my daughter is at the preschool for 7-8hours. So I can almost study for 7 hours a day which is pretty cooooooooooool coolnodgrin No weekend and night time studying.

I will start with IM since it would be the base for rest of the subjects, then OB-->GYN-->PED--->Radio & Surgery--->Ophth & PM--->Emergency med--->Epid--> and Psychiatry at the end.


I am planning to start with my weak areas, followed by the stronger ones.

Kaplan video, LN, MTB2 for IM & MTB 3 for rest. No other sources. Its already too much anyway....

First, read what I am about to watch --> watch the videos ---> read again if I have some patience left


After my 1st round, i will do UW like crazy, no other qbanks, just UW 2,3 times and occasional online NBME.

Seems simple, hope it would be and it would work .......


Lets begin smiling face


I Love medicine nod


Congrats on fabulous score! Im just curious, why, you people wait so long to start studying for next step? I had a month break before each new start, thats the month when youre waiting actually for results.I would lose my mind, my motivation... etc., if I wait for 5 months to restart....May be ,im not that patient, may be some folks have financial or other issues...,so no offence, just curious...))))

On Sep 04, 2013 - 7:55 AM, igot269 responded:
Hi I strongly agree with you! My exam was on April29th and I had to go back to my home country due to family issue, that is why, otherwise I wouldn't wait this long, I just came back and now I am starting....

I know this 4 months of no studying making me crazy, made me forget lots of things that I have learned and memorized, but in real life, we don't have green lights all the time, sometimes you will have red light and you have nothing to do with it but just wait, this is what happened to me sad I couldn't put my family back and be selfish.

hopefully I will finish my next steps without any GAP....

Happy studying...


Started from Endocrinology. try to finish it today...


did not finish endocrinology yesterday. Have to finish today.


Endocrinology & Rheumatology is done.

Started GI smiling face


GI is done. Now move on to Cardio smiling face

I was surprised that when I thought I studied for 6 hours straight, the reality was only 4.5 hours... I got this program which we can track our daily tasks, I track my sleeping time, wasting time, on duty time i.e taking care of my baby & family & house works plus my studying time. 

Yesterday I had 6 hours to study and I was surprised that I solely studied for only 4.5 hours...... I tracked my bathroom time, eating time & even coffee making time, I just switch the clock from studying to wasting by just one click.... I thought I had way less wasting time than not using this app bc whenever I want to do to internet or doing other house works, I stop my self for not ruining my study time report grin


Bottom line is tracking really is helping me. I will do more studying & less wasting day by day smiling face



I love medicine nod


raised eyebrowCardio is done, now move on to Hematology. 

I love Dr.Conrad Fisher and love his lectures, but listening to his lecture for extended period of time is not that cool confy ...... And good luck for me bc i just discovered that  rest of the IM videos are all by Dr.Fisher ................................ except pulmonology shocked


It's TGIF for rest of the world i guess, but its ONIF (Oh No its Friday) for me....... bc I cant study for the weekend confused I thought maybe I could study in the night for 2-3 hours and try if I can wake up in the morning.....


hematology is done ..... move on to infectious dz

  #9 is done. 

Read MTB and also do some Q's from Kaplan Qbook on remaining time. 

Will start Nephro tomorrow.


This video is quite inspirational. Check it out if you have 3 min's wink


I Love Medicine.


Truely inspirational. Good luck with your studies. smiling face

On Sep 19, 2013 - 7:30 AM, igot269 responded:
Thanks smiling face



Nephrology is done. Today is Pulmonology day.

Had a rough weekend bc my daughter got sick and had fever of 101-103 for 2 days. Thankfully she got better and now she is at the preschool. I felt so guilty when I left her there, she was so sad when I leave her. But she has no fever and seems okaynow, so I should not waste any second of mine, just study.


Pulmonology is done. My lil one is still not feeling so good sad It's hard to concentrate..... studying while she is asleep.... 

will start neuro tomorrow. Have to take good care of my lil daughter sad Hope she will get well soon <3


Hey sorry to hear about your daughter. She will be fine dont worry. With kids studies are tough sometimes esp when they are ill. Be strong and good luck. B/W when are you giving ck?

On Sep 25, 2013 - 1:44 PM, igot269 responded:
Hey thanks, I will smiling face

I just started my prep, so planning it before xmas.... fingers crossed.

This time i will not rush, go to exam after my NBME score stabilize, i mean until my NBME score wont improve anymore...... I am trying to finish all the videos and Kaplan LN in 1 month from now, then do UW & MTB

Happy studying, Dr, Shilu wink


Finally........ finished neurology. My lil one is getting better, sending her to preschool form Monday, so that I can study more.......

Wii start pediatrics on Monday. Have to catch my plan....

Good night~


Pediatrics..... definitely not my fav but no choice....... have pain now and have gain leter  nod

go go go

I love medicine


hey you have been going along well.....hope you are enjoynig reading paeds too............keep us posted!!


sad not finished pediatrics sad sad sad I was planning to finish it last friday but couldn't............. I cant study on weekends which sucks, my hubby says that they are giving me whole weekdays, so I have to be with my family on weekend,...... I know it is the right thing to do, but in the other hand, I will not be studying for this test for the rest of my life....... I want to study on weekends tooooooooooo..... i feel like wasting to much time on weekends sad 

In the other hand, I am really thankful for having this opportunity to having time to study for my dream test. Everything else is depending on me, How will I use this time to study, how will I perform in the exam & how to get in to residency. 


Okay, buckle up & hurry up,  lets read pediatrics..... it seems not too much but still, its a whole book


My dream will come true very soon. I am one step closer to my dream than I was on yesterday.

I love Medicine

Edited by igot269 on Oct 07, 2013 - 8:23 AM


bahaha my prior post looks like its written by someone who has a bipolar disorder....LOL


Hi sis, just come to say hi ... at ur #6 post re tracking time system, we all shell have it , could u pl set me up for that by sending to me by pm , thnx so much .

Good to see u have journal & updating ur study .

Will pm u too , pl check .

Have a good study wk nodme too w/ less wasting time sticking out tongue

Net & TV is u who can stop not going for , fm ... u have to ask their understanding /have less guilt for studying but not having time w/ time all time nod.

On Oct 07, 2013 - 10:13 PM, igot269 responded:
check your e-mail smiling face


finished pediatrics, doing some Q's from qbook before go on to OB/GYN

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