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 Took Step 3 Aug 26/27 - Scared  

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Hello everyone,

I need any words of advice or encouraging stories/testimonies I can get. I completed my prelim year in Surgery residency, and currently applying for another specialty. I took step 3 this past Monday and Tuesday, and I haven't been able to think of or do anything else ever since. I felt so terrible after taking the exam.

On the fist day. I ran out of time on the a few blocks, and didn't even get to the last 3 questions or so. There was one block I was able to go through, with about 1 minute left. The rest I finished with only a few seconds left. There were some easy questions I should have got, but missed, and there were some I just did not know. For most blocks, I marked several questions, but did not have the time to review them. I felt like not showing up for the second day, because I figured an incomplete was better then a fail on the exam. I ended up showing up anyway.

Second day - ran out of time with last 3 questions on the last (4th) block. Had some more easy questions I realized I missed after I got home. CCS - Most were seemingly straightforward, but I had about 4 cases that I probably could have managed better. One of them was clearly something straightforward as the confirmatory test was positive, but the child refused to get better no matter what I did, and I believed I gave the treatments indicated for said condition. For the second of these, I literally ran out of time before I could follow-up on the patient to see if they improved, and to do some further testing if they hadn't. For the 3rd out of these 4, I got the right diagnosis, but I wasn't sure if they needed just palliative care or symptomatic palliative intervention first. I ended up choosing the latter, and made some consults, but wasn't sure how the patient did as I ran of time. Morphine did not help their pain, by the way. The fourth one of these was so vague that there was literally no diagnosis I could come up with. Everything on the differential that jumps right out at you from the history was tested and was negative.

I am literally thinking about this exam day and night. I can't seem to focus on anything else, and I really need to work on my application. I dream about this exam, and I perseverate over the questions I missed, and so far, I've counted at least 20 that I can recall - and these are just the ones I can recall. I honestly don't know how I can make it to the day I get my score, but any one who had a similar horror story but passed, could you please help me out by sharing your story? I feel like I'm losing my mind.


Hi did you take any practice exams prior to the real test? If you did what were your scores? UWSA is pretty good at score prediction with +/-15

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