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 Cedical for Hydrocele Treatment  

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Hydrocele is a medical term used to define a medical disorder characterized by a fluid-filled sack in the scrotum.

Quick Facts

Also known as Hydrocele testis
Scrotal collection of clear fluid
Tunica vaginalis in which the fluid is collected is the most internal of membranes that contains a testicle
A male disorder
Less commonly due to the shared embryological background of male and female gonadal constructions, female children or even women are also at a risk of geetin affected by hydrocele
Primary Hydrocele causes painless enlargement in the scrotum
Secondary hydrocele is usually due to inflammation or a neoplasm in the testis
Generally diagnosed clinically
Otoscope placed against the swollen scrotum

Hydrocele Causes

Embryogenesis due to descending posture of the testis through the inguinal canal
Diverticulum of peritoneum into the scrotum
Obliterated communication between the processus vaginalis and the peritoneum
Fluid or a blood blockage in the spermatic cord
Inflammation or injury of the testicle or epididymis
Fluid or a blood impasse in the spermatic cord
Swelling or injury of the testicle or epididymis
Fluid buildup in the scrotum
Fluid drainage from the abdomen

Hydrocele Symptoms

Small fluid-filled balloon inside the scrotum
Size variation
Painless and swollen testicles
Pain in scrotum in extreme cases
Fluidy and soft sacs

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