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 My step exam experience and advic  

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I have so much to say. Sometimes I use a harsh tone so forgive me or just don't read. Before I begin, I am a silent reader of this forum and the other ones too. They are amusing and shameful for the most part. First of all, is it just me or do all of you notice that the majority of people who post on these sites are either EXTREMELY NEGATIVE AND BASICALLY STATE THAT THEIR EXAM WAS IMPOSSIBLE ETC....or you have those douchebags that write on the forum about how they got a 274 on step 1 and are scared of not matching because they got a 268. Mind you the majority of the people on these forums are straight up liars when it comes to talking about their scores so don't believe half of what they say. Then the funniest part of all is the "advice" that these geniuses give. Do UWORLD 3 times, read FA 3445 times, do pushups in between, and take NBMEs and if you don't score specifically 245 don't bother taking it...I know a lot of you agree with me and hate those people just as much as I. They demoralize you and make you feel less adequate when you are just as adequate if not more than they are. I actually read in a forum last week that someone told a nice guy who was seeking advice after failing that he had "a cognitive impairment". That was his advice to the guy. He said, well you did all you had to do, maybe it just a cognitive impairment problem (or something like that). Believe me, I did just fine on my step 1 but wasn't the creme du la creme during my rotations...actually, it was the people that did not do so "hot" that knew most of their material.
We are in a profession where most people care about scores and scores only and honestly think that to be considered "smart" and "capable" that means you need to score perfect on the steps...That is complete and utter nonsense and people who think that way will have an extremely humbling experience when they start rotations/residency. I am sorry about the rant. It just pisses me off to hear these douches talk like they know it all and act all high and mighty when I promise you they probably don't know how to even shake a patients hand properly or say a funny joke in public. Those same people (and you know who you are) are probably reading this and thinking that I failed or did not do well when in reality I am applying to Anesthesia this year. I am just a humble guy who does not think he is better than anyone else because I was able to sit through a 10 hour exam and click on letters better than my neighbor. Now for the test.....

Step 2 is hard. I am not saying this to discourage anyone or scare anyone. I simply say this because it is the truth. I go to a Caribbean medical school so my steps are important especially when it comes to Anesthesia because I am competing against well deserved American graduates. I studied balls to the walls for this exam. My strategy (which for god's sake only immolate if you think you should or you think it may help) was to read MTB and do UWORLD and Kaplan Qbank. All topics not located in MTB I filled in from UWORLD/Kaplan. The remaining weeks I would read secrets and do NBME. I did UWORLD 2 times and Kaplan 2 times. What I felt happened during the test was A) it was too long to complete on time or review. I did not review a single question because I did not have time. 4/8 blocks I had to blindly guess on the last 2. Some questions were ridiculously easy while some were a totally different wavelength of difficulty (obviously the douchebags with the 278 knew those and the rest of the world didn't lol). What I felt was nothing really prepares you well for this test. I don't know how many sources I could have used and I felt very comfortable going in to it. I did well on the NBMEs and the UWSA but I guess that wasn't good enough. Mind you that I took my exam yesterday and will let you all know how it goes. Questions are vague and obscure and many questions I could only bring down to 2 choices and go with my gut. Moral of the story....I hope I do well...I hope I guess well...and I hope you understand that STEP 2 CK is not a joke and should not be taken lightly as in the passed. In my humble opinion, the exam has increased in difficulty and it makes sense. A) They brought up the pass score to 203 in less than a month. B) there are wayyyy too many medical students seeking residencies...C) They will get another 800 bucks from the same student who reapplies after a failure (God forbid). Anyway, this was not meant to demoralize anyone, rather to open your eyes and for you to look at yourself in the mirror honestly and ask yourself...AM I READY?. At the same time you never really can tell when you are ready...look what happened to me today. I may have flushed down my Anesthesia hopes with this test but I really just wanted to tell you about my experience, embarrass/call out the douchers, and give you some input on what to expect. If you have the slightest doubt, don't take it. There is no gun to your head....As for the douchebags (again, you know who you are), being mean, rude, showboating, and showing off will do nothing but making everyone dislike...that includes your peers.


what was your result???


So what was the result??
Did you use MTB 2 and 3?

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