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Hello everyone...can anyone help me with my doubts? Im a little confused as FA says that from NADh i get 2.5 ATPs and from FADH2 i get 1.5 ATPs, but Kaplan says that NADH gives 3 ATPs and FADH2 gives 2 ATPs. Example is in FA pg. 101, where we obtain 10 ATPs from Krebs cycle, based on the 2.5 and 1.5 ATPs...So now I would like to know if I should always count with that numbers in the USMLE exam...??Will they confuse me and give me an option of Krebs cycle producing 10 ATPs or 12 ATPs...which one is the correct answer for sure? Thanks a lot T


Havent seen first aid yet but Dr.Najeeb's lectures and Langman for Biochemistry also go by Kaplan.

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