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 My Step 3 experience  

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I just got back my step 3 score, the following is my thoughts on the test right after the exam was completed:

Just finished step 3. I hope it's for good. Did about 70% of usmle world with 68% cumulative average. Finished all the ccs 52 cases. Worked on it for about a week. I have to say it was one heck of a test. The first day was tough. I NEVER had problems with time before, not even on my internal medicine intraining exams, which i generally score high on with no study. This test had me scrambling for time. I almost always finished exactly a minute or two from the finish line. many vague questions and vague choices. Usmle world felt easier, especially the first day. The only glimmer of hope I hade was the satisfaction that all my sequential questions showed that I have answered the previous question correctly....

The second day mcqs were relatively easier, time was better, as the questions had smaller stems and more straight forward.

Then comes the ccs. I think i did ok on 10 cases , i forgot to get a pulse oxygen reading on a patient in the office with chronic shortness of breath doh!, and i had one pediatric case that i think i completely mismanaged. Cases did end more abruptly and less predictably than on usmle world.

I just wanna pass this freakin thing.

Scores back a week early!!! Step 3: 235. Happy to be done with USMLE forever!


Congratulations!!! nice score smiling face
Just a question, what materials did you use to study beside the UW?


Grazie wrote:
Congratulations!!! nice score smiling face
Just a question, what materials did you use to study beside the UW?

Wish i had something useful to say, but i did not use any study material at all. Just went through usmle world over a week with tutor mode, mostly in the two days before the exam.

In no way shape or form does it mean that you should do that. I just felt confident with the knowledge i gathered over the years and during residency. This IS a TOUGH EXAM. The score was of little impact to me beyond passing, as i already have almost finished residency and matched in a good cardiology fellowship.


Congrats "Doomestic"
Can u please tell what is the new format?
are there more stat questions? how many per block?
or anything more that was added?
thank you


There are new drug ad questions, usually three parts and are related to statistics there are 46 questions per block the first day each block is 60 minutes, with 8 blocks. The second day there are 36 questions per block each for 45 minutes, 4 blocks that day. 12 ccs cases, mostly 20 mins max each, but some are 10

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