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 Match 2014 participation  

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I am an IMG from Eastern Europe.

My step 1 is >260, step 2 in 2 months (delayed it by more than several months ,had problems getting ECFMG permission to register for CK and CS) hoping for a good score (will get result before September), step 2 cs scheduled for mid-august (will get result only in November), 2 months of US electives at harvard with honors, several letters from harvard + 3 months of US observerships, no visa needed)

I am graduating this July.

As you see, I will get step 2 CS result in November=ECFMG certification, not before September as most people recommend.

Do you feel like it will affect the number of interviews I am going to receive? When should I apply for a match? right after I get step 2 CS result or in mid September? or maybe even next year?

Overall, how would you rate an interviewing atmosphere for a fresh grad IMG with good scores and some USCE, but no pubs ?

Do you think I should spend 2 years instead of one (interview year) doing research at MGH for a better chance to get into a solid university-based IM program?

Thank you very much in advance,


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gr8 credentials..


What were your step 2 CK score?
Most of the strong university programs will interview you with ECFMG cert pending because AMGs have step 2CK pending too. U will find it interesting that the community programs would be hesitant to interview you because they have been burned by IMGs in the past with the whole visa timeline.
what fellowship do you want to go into? 2 years of research wont be bad. I was in a similar dilema like you 2 years ago. I deferred going to residency to do 2 years of research, entered a residency more solid than my credentials would have allowed, and I happen to be the strongest candidate for fellowship in my residency class


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