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 exam in 29th may  

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I think this is quite good score smiling face You should be more confident smiling face

Im still getting 10/ 11 mistakes per block in new blocks Im doing sad hope it gets better with revision .


thank you. I am a life time exam phobic.Anyway, I think you are in good shape too. Lets do it together.

10/ 11 mistakes / block. you are meaning usmleworld I guess correct me if I am mistaken.One thing, I learnt from my step 1 is you always improve if you keep reading. Patience is the only key


hi, u r doing great! I am also doing uw qs & feeling the same way surrounded by negative thoughts which is not good.I saw ur jrnl today it seems u r doing uw & FA my qs is r u reading MTB2& 3 also or u substituted them with FA only? thanks & good luck!!


Hey dc10 smiling face We are all going to ace this exam , we just need to stay focused and work hard smiling face No fears, No Stress , No phobias.

Actually Im familiar with UW so im not using it to estimate my progress .I have some kaplan offline blocks , but old version , its like 2007 , Im using them more like estimation tool not learning. Beside doing UW for learning.

Im a big time exam phobic , but from now on I will try this new stress releasing method in order to stay focused and not to waste time. Try to schedule sometime for your phobia - like 10 minutes a day. Every time u feel scared tell yourself that you will think about it during your 10 minutes phobia time nodnod.

I have seen this method long time ago on Opra show ,the guest had severe disforming burns in face used this way to release her grief and stay focused in her work .

Hope this works us as well.

Have a good productive day my friend.


very good suggestion. I will appreciate this


last 3 days I was actually not reading at all.Today feeling lot better.I want to get a good productive and happy day


I think I am stuck in obs and gynae for a week . Still not finished. I will go to haematology for some hours.


Guys. its a beautiful weekend. I will study hard core today, I will take whole day off tomorow.So, tired


very slow today. I am supposed to finish GIT Today.did 22 qs , all correct.Lets hit it again.


I was supposed to wake up early and study. but, Ifelt so bad that I slept untill 12 pm. woke up took my date august 1st.

did 1 block of rheumatogy and surgery , 43/ 44. 98 percent correct. Now, I have to revise .


today is a day of panic. my daughter was sick last night, me too. couldnt sleep that well.I dont understand why I have so much fear.I am extremely burn out.



I dont know what happened to me in k last couple of weeks.Totally didnt study two weeks. Now , I am back very slowly.I totalyy got disconnected and frustated. As I can not belief I am actually worthy of doing this. I know, its my mental haziness.Started doing Rx . My cumulative is 82 percent in fresh new qs. I were that bad, I wouldnt have gotten these. I need to continue till end of my breath. pray for me guys

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