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 exam in 29th may  

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After doing step 1 with 248 score, I thought its going to be a breeze. But , guess what, I am feeling the same kind of pain and tension. I am feeling guilty for wasting so much time.But someone said you have to praise yourself cause people thrive in praise.

So, today I have to revise 150 USMLEWORLD qs. I will keep updated.


good luck! Planning to take mine july 15th.

Are you just doing uworld? What books are you following?


scheduled for 3rd june actually.Absolutely not sure whether I will be confident enough to do it by then.Revising USMLEWORLD QS . Target 100qs / day.But, can not take notes of all of them. end up taking notes only 50 / day.I wiil do USMLE world, first aid and MTB 2ck.Then take an assesment test to see where I stand.Good LUCK


revising usmle world qs . I have to do 50 pages of first aid for sure .First time usmle world average 77 percent.Will do again after finishing taking notes.


just finished reading 48 qs explanations. have to finish upto 100 and then take notes. I am supposed to take Usmle world assesment within 2 weeks. But, I am scared

I scheduled my cs for 29 th august


finished 44 qs. now, I have to take notes and read the topics from FA . Which takes a long time. I didnt think I will feel the same kind of anxiety that i felt during step 1.I just want to get rid of it. I hate lack of confidence.


good progress today. taking notes of another block. I want to finish by 6 pm


just read 22qs s. Todays plan again taking notes of 100 qs and read 25 pages of FA.

Will I ever feel confident? Whats wrong with me?Postponed the exam to July 1st. Cant postpone any more.


I am feeling like crap. Last night it took a long time to put my daughter to sleep. I m feeling tired. After the step 1 result I was super confident now again I surrounded by a lots of negetivity. I am just trying to master Usmle world qs concept. I am am afraid I am lagging somewhere and I dont know where?


just finished taking notes of 44 qs.

copd exacerbation ccf

in copd u will see wheezes in all over the lung field. ccf more orthopnea.


today pllan revise take notes of 100 qs and read nephrology from mtb 2 ck


totally feeling disconnected and sad, kind of lost my edge. I think only thing can make me feel good is a solid study and progress today. Lets hit it then , Todays target Gastroenterology


feeling totally drained., have to do 150 qs and revise cvs from mtb 2ck.i woke up very late. from tomorrow, i wont be wont be waking up so late.


GL in ur ck nodcool

Since doing st 1 well , u can do it well in ck... believe in ur self , don't loss focus & vibe ... go for it when ur assessment said ready .

u r not the only one after st 1 being up & down for st 2 study . Had so many friends like that but u r almost there so keep going .

The exm must have some force that after any 1 exm , we r v excited to do well again in next but then have up & down & slow & lagging days ... may b we used all energy at previous exm so ... take time to have full energy & soul back in the game wink especially guilty lane giving fm more time after intense study for previous exm ... so don't b ... keep moving nod

By the way I had read ur st 1 journal thought had post some though did not but been feel for u since I myself had some life situation beyond my control too ... that had to stop, slow down my study & had some rude ppl that not understand ur situation including the big course staffs & some friends ... anyhow... only the one who had been in those life & death situation will understand what it's really like & appreciate that family good support & ur self strong enough to bounce back to the exm track of ur dream & make u keep moving forward winknod

Sorry about the long post ... all the best ... u know when u r ready w/ ur assessment & ur gut feeling, ... then go for it nod after over come the worst in life ... sky is the limit ... or even not sticking out tongue grinnodnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


final revision of Usmle world . getting 91-100 percent. This is good . But, I am afraid that my knowledge is only limited to USMLE world.


100 percentile !!! awosome !!smiling facesmiling face

You are doing just great , just be confident and push your fears away ,
You did great in Step 1 and you are gonna do great again in CK ,keep the high spirit as you need it the most nodnodnod Good Luck .


thanks for your encouagement. Can you tell me where I can get offline versions of any of the Step2 ck NBMES.


thanks a lot,Its a beautiful summer day.I absolutely dont feel like studying. Wake up very late. But, onthe other hand, I cant enjoy anything because of the fear of the exam. But, I wont study 4 hours today


I woke up very early today. Very unusal for me. My head is burning like a furnace.Lots of negetive thoughts coming. I hate that.I want to calm down and get my confidence back


I took offlike nbme form 2 ,looks like i made 22/ 23 mistakes.I disagree with some of the offline answers key.I am extremely worried for the exam. I just dont want to think of the results untill I am dont with my revision

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