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 only 2 months  

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Hi there,

This is my first journal for ck prep. From today till next 8 wks I wil register my progress here.My initial plan is to start with Fa+ Rx qbank then later on I will add MTB+ uw in my prep.

Lets see how it goes. I will keep updated myself frequently.
I am done with step 1 & cs.
I need to catch this yr's match.
so lets start.


so far...
read 2 ch from peds kpln notes

then went out for groceries spent two hrs there..two much time wasting

just read 3 pgs of FA need to finish 17 more then 1 block of qs.

not a good start need to organize myself.


waiting for ur updatessmiling face

On Apr 13, 2013 - 9:03 AM, systole responded:
Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate,we need to motivate each others b/c its a long road.


yesterday I was able to manage 3 more ch of peds so all togather it was 5chs. not bad actually i read few pgs of FA i was not feeling comfortable with that b/c its totally new book for me so I think I need some time to get use to of that book.

Did one block from RX only 55% correct not happy about that.

Plans for today:
-review yesterday's Rx block
-atleast 4 chs of peds kpln.
-surgey finish orthopedic,& pre-op & post
-last but not least one block of Rx.

God plz help me achieving my goals.


yesterday was not good couldn't study much there is a little change of plan here instead of reading kapln notes which r taking too long & nothing going into my mind I decide to stick with FA & MTB 2& 3 .so from now on I will start reading FA +MTBs.& uw & & Rx then will see what need to do extra.

starting from peds!

I have to organize myself.


How did you do with Step 1?

I also started my own prep journal for CK. Hope we can all push each other to get it done. I still have to take CS also.

Good luck!

On Apr 16, 2013 - 5:14 PM, systole responded:
Thanks for visiting.step one was ok not that great.

Now it's time to focus ck!

Yah we need to encourage each other.


Today was ok day almost done with peads mtb3 .

Did only 30 qs Uw.

Still need to focus on peads.

One more day for peads.

I hope everything turn out good.

My biggest problem is I have habit to change my plans very easily that I need to break.
This time I will stick to my plan Inshallah.


It's a new day today,with lots of expectations.
My plan is to do one block Uw + one block Rx

Finish peads today I hope I will be able to do all.


Let me know if you feel that Rx is helping you.

My understanding is that UW is the mainstay for this exam so I was not planning to do FA or Rx.

It'll be interesting to see how our 2 varying studying plans work.

Would be good if you shared your Step 1 score range (feel free to PM me if you're not comfortable sharing). That way we'll know where we are both starting from and what to expect. I only got a 217 so I have some serious work to do!

Good luck today!

On Apr 21, 2013 - 6:06 PM, systole responded:
hi integrated, i score 220 in step 1 but my step one is old now almost two yrs thats why I am not considering my step 1 score.Just want to focus on ck rt now.
Reg Rx I am doing it b/c I am not good in doing MCQs so just for some extra practice I know UW is the main character in ck I will def. switch to uw pritty soon. these r the few resources that we all have in ck.lets do it together. My problem is I am not getting serious but i need to break this spell of lazziness & should take it seriosly.Hope u r doing well.


hows usmlerx blocks going?smiling face


Oh my God today I realized I was away from the journal from long time it does'nt mean that I was studying great bit infsct i was distracted big time. Tomorrow is a new day i will try to utilize it.There is no use of regreting time we lost already.


I guess your UW scores are a bit lower having forgotten some of the Step 1 material. I feel like taking it right after Step 1, there is a definite advantage. You'll probably pick up pretty quick though once you're reminded of the material you've already studied. More importantly, we know that UWorld is THE learning resource for CK. So, the score means quite little if we don't learn.

On Apr 22, 2013 - 5:16 AM, systole responded:
I agree its always better if u do ck rt after step1 & I did the same but unfortunately I had to take lots of breaks b/c of some family issues but now they r over so its time to focus.


done with nephro now doing qs one block left some my speed is still slow.need motivation. starting pulmonology.


today's taget two blocks uw
& finish pulmonary sys.


waiting for ur updatessmiling face

On Apr 30, 2013 - 8:10 AM, systole responded:
Oh dear! Having severe allergies these days study is becoming challenge.trying to do something everyday but unable to do.i am done with pulm. Sys. Now doing psych & hematology. Unable to qs. But need to change self.

Hope u r doing good.


Today was another day with illness I hope tommorrow will be better for me. starting gynae tonight ( my weakest sub.) will try to finish by friday.I will read few atleast few pages before going to bed progress is very slow need to speed up.Still waiting for my permit....


Get well soon!! smiling face

On May 03, 2013 - 10:38 AM, systole responded:
thanks I am feeling much better.


ok today I have decided to review my plan of study somehow from last many days I am unable to achieve my goals! so today I decide to fix my exam date first then proceed I hope it will put some pressure on me.

EXAM date: 25th june

Now I decide to finish my first review of MTBs & FA( SELECTED TOPICS) BY 10TH

My next round of books (more thorough) will be done by 31st may.

My uw round should be done by 2nd june

then i will do a quick uw review in june again with two more readings of MTB & FA.
Guys please put ur comments about my plan if u think it needs some amendments or i should add something too I will really appreciate that.

& last but not least NBMEs in B/W.

Lets be done with it.

Edited by systole on May 03, 2013 - 11:28 AM


What are you scoring in UW as of now? Have you already completed it once?

On May 04, 2013 - 7:29 PM, systole responded:
yah i have done it before & i am using it as a learning tool not paying much attention on scores really.


Good that u picked the date, now u can feel the pressure and study moresmiling face Goodluck.

On May 04, 2013 - 7:32 PM, systole responded:
yah thats what the intention is actually, but so far couldn't study much since i made the plan unfortunately!!!

much worried b/c I don't have time to waste even..

Please Allah help me..

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