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 Preparation for step 3  

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Hello Everyone,

I am overwhelmed and dont know where to start in terms of studying,
I am registered to UWqbank and CCS, have the MTB books, and the step 3 kaplan prep course books. I have somewhat of a orientation about CCS, but UWorld doesnt give you a score on cases--so how do you know you did ok.
I am looking for someone who did relatively well--to give any advice on study materials, its crucial I do well on this exam since my previous exam scores werent reallly great and looking for way to redeem myself.

Please to any good soul out there some help I would greatly appreciate it!!


Hi Emilyhb!

I'm not sure if I'm in the position to give you advice because i'm still waiting for the result. Just like you, my scores from the previous steps are not good and I needed a really good step 3 to somehow push my credentials up and prove that I can do better.

So, my first advice. Get a study partner... I'm not sure if this would be effective for you...I never thought of it for myself because I didn't have one when I studied for my previous steps (And I did poorly but passed). My study partner is really good and really helped me a lot with a lot of concepts...At the same time, I was also able to share what I know.

..Advantage: You'll know what she/he knows as well...2 heads are better than one to master a concept that you both don't understand...You get to keep tabs someone how you guys do. You have someone to plan/make pneumonics/keep you awake/keep you busy/keep you going when you feel bad or bored with what you study...You get to share resources...that is if you guys are generous enough to share what you have...(We have different review materials to begin with)

...Disadvantage: You both don't own your schedules, so make time for it...(My partner and I studied at 4am-8am/her time--5-9am/my time and 1-3 hours more in the evening whenever available..And we did this everyday)...It is a lot of work, especially if you're working...but you have to sweat it out as this is the last exam you can prove yourself for prior to applications...what else....hmmm...

Anyway, it is up to you of course if you're comfortable with it...

Second, you have to have the right stuff to review and somehow find time to go over them again. My partner and I wasn't able to do it over but we came to the point extending both our exams to tackle more and feel more comfortable doing the here's the stuff I would recommend:

Archer's and Premiere Review Notes(Really, really good promise! Also has good CCS notes in it, but UW is enough), MTB: OBGYN/Cardio/Infectious...I forgot what else is good there, but I guess you should have read them at least, Wikipedia...Oh yes, it's good when you feel you're material is not enough or you can't understand because it's too concise, it's a good source especially for the pictures (Diaper Rash vs Fungal) HY)...even EKG pics and explanations are good too....Kaplan step 2: Arrythmias

Of course, UW MCQ (Do it twice if you can) and CCS! I heard someone from the forum that it is his only source and reviewed it 4x and did 99. But, his previous scores are amazing to begin with. Well I guess everything is there..EVERYTHING!!! So what I did with my previous steps is use it as a gauge to how I do...but that is the wrong approach... My partner is studying it for the concepts, so I was really corrected in that way...All the concepts are really there to prepare you for the exam...So use it as a study tool..

CCS: UW is already amazing so practice it well...It's really good if you seem to have memorized them, but what is very important I guess is presence of mind and don't panic...There is so much time for the exam...Look at the labs well and read the history and PE well...Prioritization of what to do first is also important...How will you know if you're doing pretty well in the exam? Well usually, what they say is the patient can improve or deteriorate and that's the scenario, but I think we are graded as to how we respond. Clinical experience is really a plus if you were able to practice previously....Back to how you will know you're doing it right...Case ends faster....if you're really doing it right or if you really did a really bad turn...otherwise it just goes on until you use up all that's left in the clock..

I'm supposed to write this discourse after receiving my result, but Ii will soon. Good luck... Add me in skype: doc_rye if you want further advice.

Always pray. Good Luck and God bless. We can do this! smiling face


I was browsing the forum....Jason's Family Practice is good too...what was recommended and what I did read is Care for the did help...and I forgot the other chapter, but the book is really good...

Here's a picture of what my study partner did to me...I was scoring 50-55% upon starting UW...But after we started studying...After each surgery..i was doing 70-74%

Anyway, i'll keep posting what I remember

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