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peads MTB reading


CVS ..44 questions explainations.


review of 10 q done.

next 10................... in process

next 10 ============== in process


Tonite 's plan:


CVS =201 uw questionssmiling face


Hows the CVS coming along? I have a lot to get through the next 3 days.


well, i had not been able to finish up the CVS, so continue with CVS and derma tonite.

derma=========== uw block

cardio===========uw block


Done with derma ( MTB + uworld) smiling face


Nice progress!


psychiatry today

MTB and UW.


Also hepatology .

Hepatology= total 94 q

Psychiatriy=total 147 q

Difficult task but hopfully gonna make itsmiling face


You're doing 230 questions in a day? Are you able to review all that?


Am already done with the uw , this is my second round.I read the explantions of the wrong answers or even the right ones if i did a guess worksmiling face
By the way ,my exam is within this monthsmiling face


Oh, didn't realize you were taking it this month. Makes more sense now, haha.


Good luck!


Done with 100 q of peadssad

need a break!


will update my journal, due to some reasons couldnt take the exam, but will sooner

starting with uw mixed block..

If u can...dream it,you can do it


keep going...


@systole...thankx for ur support, really need itsmiling face

so done with 2 blocks ( mixed).


good job


yest ,did 2 blocks in time mode .
MTB 2 reading in a fast way.


Keep the high spirit up , you are almost there nod

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