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CVS total q= 181 ( 4 blocks)

starting with the first block...


done with 2 blocks ONLY


sorry for not updating my journal.. i took nbme 3 and now working on the weak areas..

Rigth now reviewing the nbme 3 wrong answers..


nbme 3... done with the first block review


finally done with all the blocks of nbme 3.

taking a break now.

Psychiatric uw blocks after the break


good job. keep it up


sorry for not updating my journal...

planning to do 3 blocks together...

will updatesmiling face


done with 2 blocks along with explainations


Nice work! How are the scores coming along?


Which NBME is good to take first?


Obs/gynae kaplan reading today as not scoring good.


finally see improvement in scores ,last day for gynae/obs.



first block= done 68%
second block= 60%

now reviewing the 2 blocks is the most difficult partshaking head

first block review= in process


Looks like you're making solid progress.

What was your score in NBME 3? What was your UW % at currently overall at that time? Has it improved further since then?


@curve... i am planning to take nbme 4 after the uworld review.

i am on my 2nd round of doing uw,so the cumulatative is bias, am focusing on the time management.


Second time you'd be scoring much higher I guess. 

The retention seems way easier than it was for Step 1.

I'm planning on taking my baseline NBME exactly one week from today, after I finish my first read of MTB 2 IM only.

  #16 about this, we both will take nbmes next wk, that will push each other to work even more harder.
which time zone u r at??am in central.

time for MTB 2...ophthalmology pg 497 503


reading the explainations of the left blocks


Sounds good. I'm on the East coast.

I'm not expecting a good score on the first NBME, as I have only been reading MTB 2 IM section & doing UW IM only Qs until now.

I'll be doing the other subjects from MTB 3 after the baseline NBME.

Good luck!

Edited by thecurve on Apr 29, 2013 - 7:43 AM


Done with 10 q explainationsmiling face

@curve.. just push urself to work harder, am sure u going to score highersmiling face


done with the first block.

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