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 6 weeks left .  

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BY the Name of Allah , the Graceful the Merciful

Dear fellows , hope u all are doing fine and ur preparation is going great .

Im new to this forum ,have been studying for almost a year now , on and off. The main problem is that im a house wife studying alone . So I will use this post as study diary to keep myself focused and find some company to share this struggle smiling facenod

Im taking it on May 1st, 10 weeks from now ..
My goal is 250 +

My plan: KLN + MTB Quick review with studying USWorld , focusing in doing blocks more than reading books.

So0o0o0o.. here we go smiling face
Best of Luck all smiling face


So for today ..

Reviewing Uw 5 blocks cardiology .. shaking head rolling eyes


Soo0o.. couldnt finish all cardio UW notes yesterday ..

ITs 8 AM now my time ..

Today plans : rest of cardio UW notes .. ===> Respiratory diseases ..

I can do it .. sure I can smiling face nod




So you are not doing UW, but just going thru the notes?

Just asking, because, if it save time and as effective as doing qs I might try this too.

Good start, all the best!




Hi dr saima ,

I Did UW and went through explanation 4 months ago , then i stopped studying.
So i thought it would be a waste of time to go through blocks im already familiar with.

Im reviweing mtb, some parts of Kln, and memorizing UW explanations for this month ..
Next month i will subscribe to Qbank to practice timing ..

I think this would be the best plan for me ..

Whats ur study plan ?!


A new day smiling face a new hope wink

got up late today , its 11:45 am now , i already wasted half of studying time on sleeping ..

i feel lonely in this new country .. away from my family and friernds ..

but have no time for those stupid feeling .. got a dream to make true and time is a luxury i dont have ...

please Allah be with me and make things easier ..

today plan : reviweing respiratory diseases .. kln .. mtb very quickly ..


best of lack sister


Hi Ango,

I agree with you, best of luck!

I am starting GU right now from MTB!

Lets support each other!

On May 28, 2013 - 12:35 AM, Ango responded:
HI dr Saima , i was away fom this forum for weeks , hope by this time u were studying well or maybe u already gave ur Ck smiling face

Anyways thank u and lets encourage each other .


Okay Im back on track . after a long long time of absence from this forum but I made my way back nodnodnod

spent the last couple of months studying but very slowly .. finished IM MTB + my notes +with UW notes except for neurology ..
Surgery with UW but they still need some time for review ..

I rescheduled to JULY 8th ..

Hope I can use this time efficiently and focus as much as I can ..

I need ur support here .. I need someone to advise me and tell me whether im on the right track or not .. whether Im missing something in my preparation or not ..

May Allah be with us all ..


Today's goal ...

finish Obs from Highyield + skimming MTB 3 .. here we go ..

this is like 12 hrs studying ..


did you take step 1. good luck studying


No actually Im giving CK before step 1 .

thank u good luck too. smiling face


Ok ..obsteterics is done .
Last two days i studied only half days , I had unexpected guests which were a huge waste of time,

Yesterday i studied Gynecology tumors arrrrrgh mad
today i woke up nervous and freaking out .. so i thought it would be a good idea to do small quiz , so did the first block of NBME 3 online .. got 32/42 right ( there was 4 q im not sure of the answers ) so i think this is good for me ..

Anyways , today's plan .. finish Gyne and try to do UW .. lets see how it goes .s ..

wish me luck ..


last two days plans :
Gynecology : done ..
Neurology done


Today's and tomorrow morning plan:
Psychiatry .


So Today's plan : psychiatry , hope i can finish it today . nodnodnod


Today's plan : psychiatry : Done.

Ethics : Vedios + MTB 3 : Done .


Still have like 3 hrs to go today So I will do Peds as much as I can.


Morning !

Just woke up so late rolling eyes

Anyways its good to have some extra sleep to energize my neurons sticking out tongue

Yesterday : Peds : 10 pages MTB 3 done nod

Today's plan :continue Peds MTB3 .

GL everyone smiling face


Ango, how's the UWorld coming along?


I'm just about finishing up MTB 2 IM...going to switch gears to MTB 3 in a few days.

On Jun 07, 2013 - 11:05 PM, Ango responded:
Hey thecurve , hope ur study is going well ,

Actually , I studied IM and did UW after each chapter,

After that I decided to study the rest of materials from books and then do the rest of UW.

So I will finish peds today and tomorrow will continue with UW .

I have done UW like more than 6 months ago , but didn't give my exam as i scored low in NBME4 like 211 .

So Im not depending on how much I score in UW coz Im already familiar with it .

Thank u for visiting my journal and please keep updating about your progress to encourage each other.


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