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 My ROAD to a 230+ iA. exam 7/05  

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So far:
completed 8 blocks of UW 45%, 50%X2, 59%X2, 57%, 52% and 61%
average of 8 blocks: 54%
Did not read kaplan or MTB even once but now working on MTB 2 on page 165.
completed my USMLE step 1 with 212/89 back in 2011.

Plan: Fulltime everyday. from 8am-9:30pm with 3 hours break in between.
10 hours of work, 5 hours for UW 44Qs and 5 hours for MTB.

May Allah(SWT) help me achieve my goal and the goals of my fellow USMLE takers, amen.


good luck will do it nodbut i advise you to read kln before's worth itsmiling face

On Feb 16, 2013 - 11:54 PM, Drshykh responded:
thank you confidence. I have the kaplan books and I found them too detailed. I always learn from small sources and questions so my strategy is UW and MTB2 and if I see the need based on my UWSA and NBME i will go over them quickly iA. Thanks sis.


may ALLAH help you.
can you give me a suggestion about usmle step 1 preparation

On Feb 20, 2013 - 4:46 AM, Drshykh responded:
hello iffatnahar,

Thank you for the dua.

about step 1: Make sure you are good with the three Ps: Pathology, Phamacology and Physiology.

Pharm: FA is good enough and just focus on Mechanism.

Physio: I would recommend BRS physio by Costanzo. enjoyable reading. 288 pages. you can buy it from online or in Medical school book stores or Barnes and Nobles.

Pathology: Goljan RR; this book has excesss info that can make you drowse but really the MOST important part is the mechanism of each disease. So what you should do is get a yellow High lighter and high light the mechanism of each disease ONLY and you read that only. This is for the systemic pathology section, however, the General pathology section please read ALL. I believe it's around 172 pages.

Conclusion: General pathology--> READ ALL
Systemic path--> READ ONLY the Mechanism of each disease

Do you UW and take the latest NBMEs.

If you need any help please let me know.
Good luck.


Last three days was not productive, did not do any UW and only read some MTB was busy with some family issues.

Today I will try to follow the schedule iA.


may Allah help u . best of luck .

On Feb 21, 2013 - 4:30 AM, Drshykh responded:
Jazakumu Allah usmletaker


Ok brothers and sisters,

I was off for a while but starting today will be on point inshaAllah.

Update: half way through my first read of both books(MTB and my notes). will complete MTB March 28th iA.

my last two blocks of UW were 64% each so i see an increase ever since I finished the first round of IM from MTB.

everyday: one block and 25-30 pages of reading iA is the plan.


Go along the target,good luck.

I have ques; whether I should started to see ques bank at the early of my prep or later after forming a base.Do I need to take the prep for pathology by system like respiratory,endocrine etc
What is your suggestion abt kpln.whether I should go for it or not?

On Apr 01, 2013 - 4:31 AM, Drshykh responded:
The best way to utilize the question bank is to have read the material(FA and KLN) once before starting the bank. Pathology i would suggest read ALL the general path from Goljan RR and only the mechanism section of systemic path then focus on FA. one way I did it was i inserted ALL the mechanisms of each disease into FA since FA lacks the pathogenesis of diseases.


Really struggles a lot in the last few weeks with a lot of family issues. But I told them that I will isolate myself for exactly 3 months so that I can give my exam before Ramadan starts. So my date NOW is JULY 5th. NO excuse anymore!!

iA will complete first pass of MTB/Notes this Monday.
had change of plan so here is a new one:

Now till June 17th will do only MTB2/Notes and UW
iA will complete UW 1 pass and 70% second Pass

last two weeks will do Secrets + UWSA review.

Will do NBME 2, 4, UWSA.

Ok enough nonsense talk from now onward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sounds like a good plansmiling face

On Apr 13, 2013 - 10:18 AM, Drshykh responded:


Your plan is great just keep going!


whats ur update. Have u take in assesment tests

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