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 My CK Diary  
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Hi Everyone! smiling face
Just want to write daily progress so that I can keep myself motivated.

11/18 Sunday I set up a room for CK prep
11/19 went over kaplan cardio 1/3
11/20 (today) Plan to finish second 1/3
11/21 plan to finish the rest of cardio
11/22-11/23 Thanksgiving feast! then some cardio review and Qs.

I need to pick up the pace after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.


Wow, time flies!

Endo today.


pulmonary tomorrow

I don't if i use too much resources. So far I m using Step 1 FA, goljan, KP video +(book), MTB, and 1-2 more books. shaking head


Finished 1/2 pulmonary today. Tomorrow Endo Q and 2nd half of pulmonary.


Finished 2nd half of pulmonary yesterday. Did some endo Qs.

There will not be any study today -- social function.

Tomorrow will start rheuma.


Was planning finish Rheuma today, but got a hangover from yesterday's outing. So only finished 1/2 rheuma. That just eat into my Sat day-off time sad

Tomorrow's plan: finish rheuma.


The pace over the weekend is a bit slow. House chores and all those shopping takes a lot of time. I am glad that I finished Rheuma.

Tomorrow's topic: Hema/onco.


Yesterday I had to take care of personal stuff. Study wise? Not productive.

Today I finished 1/2 hemo. Tomorrow I will finish hemo.


Hemo is considered done.

Tomorrow: GI.


Finished GI.

Tomorrow: Neuro.


Christmas shopping and shipping. Uh, 2 days wasted. Next year I will go online shopping all the way!

Unfortunately I've forgone Goljan for a while. Review goljan GI today.


Not feeling well today. Resting. Only finished 1/2 of Goljan GI.

Tomorrow continue and finish Goljan GI. Review GI material again. Asking myself, do I want to use Netter?


Fell off the horse for the last couple of days.

Today stopped trying cuz sitting by the desk and not able to concentrating is bad. After a day of resting, I now can focus again. Periodic break is good.

Tonight is basketball game night.

Tomorrow I will come back to write more on my progress.


A week out of town...

Finish Neuro tonight.


Finished Nephro today.


Repeated Nephro yesterday.

Today I finished preventive med.

Tomorrow: Dermatology.


hi surge you are doing greatnod ..good luck

On Jan 16, 2013 - 1:29 PM, surge22 responded:
Confidence, thanks for the encouragement!

Now surgery....trauma today.

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