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 Just 8 weeks  

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Hi Can do hope your studies are going great! Sorry I didnt get a chance to follow up as we are having some guests at our place. I'll get back to the forum & studies as soon as they leave that is the day after tomorrow. My study plan is all ruinedsad but I am having a good time.


I am so happy to see you hepe.........nodsmiling facenod
Good that you are spending good time with the guests. It will make you come back to books all refreshed and energized. Have fun!

I am done with my today's MTB reading and one block of questions. Now I am not reading explanations to every question. Just the ones that I get wrong or get right but am not sure of the concept.

Will take a little break and then another block before hitting the bed.


Thanx a lot can do for your welcoming words, Its strange but I'm glad to be back to my studies againnod, Happy to hear that you are studying well for the exams,doing MTb & all the questions, Soon you'll be over the exam & will free yourself of step 2 CK forever. I need to set a serious schedule for myself with least distractions from now. Will start MTB read of endocrinology. If I could finish it today that would be a great achievement for me. smiling face Wish you all the best CAN DO...


Hi can do! I couldn't finish entire Endo but I finished half!!! gave a pat on my shouldergringrin cause its Ok to finish a topic in 2-3 days at this stage for me. I'm planning to start UW by next month. I hope its not going to be a very rough start. Let's keep moving forward. Best of luck!


Hi Hepe and cando it's nice job to have a journal in common smiling face...
I'm studying for CK too. I read IM from MTB and OBGYN+Ped+emergency+psycho from FA. I've just finished my first quick read.
I know that Hepe is in the same boat as me. But cando, I think u are now more CK oriented. I scheduled my exam for feb 8th. And I want to do UW+second read from tommorow. I feel horrible. I think that I know nothing about CK. So I need ur help. How is your feeling now? When I could feel more better? And do u thing that 1m is enough for both review and doing UW?


Hi folks! is really a good speed you are going at. I used to drag a chapter for many days when I was at your stage of prep sticking out tongue.... You are doing a great job! Yes, start UW ASAP, it is very important as everyone says. All the best!!

Match2014, nice to see you here smiling face.... CK is giving me a strange feeling when I compare it with my step1. In step1, I was more familiar with my books and the subjects but I could not come in peace with step2 until now rolling eyes....It still looks unfamiliar....and I always keep wondering if it is only me or is it the same with everyone!!
Anyways, as far as the UW and revision in month is concerned, my honest opinion will be that it mainly depends on YOU... I would need a minimum of 2 months for that but I know people do it in less time and score great.
I wish you the best of luck!!

Have a great study day coolsmiling facenod


Hey Can do thank u for ur input, i have seen a lot of people complaining the same about step 2. but they usually end up getting a higher score than step 1. so dont worry cando & match 2014, as long as u know ur MTB & are familiar with the UWorld & pass 2-3 nbme's u are good for the exam. I had a terrible experience for step 1 preparation rather i found step 2 easier than step 1 so far( just my personal opinion)

Anyways yeah I did finish the entire endocrinology nod & I'm doing some q's from Q n A. will decide which topic to start next.


What's up folks?

For me it is Nephrology today.

Keep in touch and have a great study day smiling facenod


For me its new year's eve grinD may be I'll start nephrology as well. Wish you a very very happy & blessed 2013 CAN DO,Hope all our dreams come true for the next year. Ameen!


Hope you enjoyed new year's eve Hepe smiling face

Have a great 2013! May all our wishes come true this year.....success and happiness for all!!

I am still doing Nephro, will try to finish it and then something else, may be Derm? not sure.

Will report in 2 hrs.


Hi friends
Happy new year to you. Thanks CanDo and Hepe for ur honest words. Yes my feeling is exactly the same as CanDo, Hepe u are right but if u have enough time, step 2 would be more smooth but when u have only 3m, having no unique clear book is horrible. Qs are completely diff from books. We dont have other choice. Have to read these books. Im doing nephro today from MTB.
Goodluck everyone


Match 2014, I agree!! Let's just keep going, with whatever resources are available. People have done it before us and so will we smiling face

Done with Nephro. Now a little break.


Happy new year Match2014 & Can do! Yeah let's start new year with hope & good spirits for our goals, Nothing is impossible to achieve its not easy of course but doable, lets keep working harder & harder & beat these tests instead of the tests beating us downgrin .I wish u both success & happiness for 2013.

Instead of doing some topic for medicine I started on Gynecology today which I left somewhere in the middle b/c I got bored. My new year resolution :dont get bored of studies rather start enjoying it!!nod Have a great day everyone & wish u all a very happy new year again.smiling face


Hey Can do I guess you got too busy with studies to write down your journal. Hope u are doing great. I am still working on Gynecology & I finally figured out which book is best for me for Gyne. I compared MTB 3 & found it has most information from kaplan lecture notes So I'll stick to MTB 3 for gyne obs.


Hi Hepe, thank you for asking about me. It is great that you found a good source for OBGyn. I have MTB3 but did not read it much. Somehow I was not comfortable with its format. Now I don't have time to go through any new source. It is good that you are liking it. Keep going HEPE. My best wishes are with you.

My sleep cycle is messed up these days and have been busy in the last few days, with studies and some other stuff not related to studies. It has pushed me behind in my schedule. I will try to fix my sleep cycle and compensate for the lost study time. Hope I can do it! I may not be very regular at my journal either but please keep me in your prayers friends.


I will pray for you can do for sure! May God help you out in this difficult time. Take care of your sleep cycle, remember to exercise & eat healthy as well so u can perform at your best during the exam.


Thank you so much HEPE.

My final revision starts today. I plan to quickly go through IM from MTB and my wrong questions from UW. I did offline NBMEs 1, 2 and 3 so far. Scored 79%, 78% and 83% respectively. Have to take NBME4 and UWSA this week and also have to do the FRED questions.

Need prayers friends. May God accept our hard work and bless us all with success.


hi cando

its great!! what is FRED?

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