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 Just 8 weeks  

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Good to know that you are feeling better now Hepe.... smiling face

Yes, MTB does not have cx carcinoam shocked Kaplan has it in too much detail. Can you please guide me how much detail do we need to know? I know there cannot be any definitive answer to my question but still some input will help smiling face.... I did not see many questions on UW either, may be just 2-3 if I remember it right.

Anyways, today is my last day for OBGyn and if have some time left, will go through some Biostat.

Happy studies smiling facenod


Can do I dont think I'm in the right position to guide u seriuoslysmiling face I''m taking my inspiration from u deargrin I dont know but I just feel Cervical neoplasia might be an important topic for exam. I just took kaplan & read it from there. all that ascus, lsil, hsil & cin123 is tto much u can just llok at the kaplan pictures & tables may be. Good luck!


Thank you Hepe. It is pleasure if I can be of any help/inspiration/motivation to you or any one smiling face .... In fact we all exchange inspiration with one another on these forums.

I got the gist of all this ASC-US, LSIL, HSIL, CIN etc and then learned how to diagnose and treat each one of them. UW does not have anything more than that. I hope it will be enough.

Still left with Ovarian tumors and Endometrial carcinoma. I am leaving these two for now and moving on to Biostats.

Will see you later smiling face


Oh boy!!! I am being slow.....

Did not study yesterday evening and today all day sad

Could do only half of Biostats and no question.

Well, I can think of it as break and leave it behind me, but SHOULD NOT continue this behavior or I will not be able to finish till my exam.

Okay, will try to finish rest of the Biostat and do at least one block of questions before going to bed tonight.

Time to stop myself from going down hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey Can do dont worry at all we all need good breaks.U deserve a little break too. so when on break just enjoy urself no regrets! I'm always having a break on weekends winkhad to finish renal,but now will do tomorrow IA!


Hepe, thank you so much for the consolation nodsmiling face...You are right, breaks are important but now I have exact one month left. I need to have a race against time now grin ..... and I have this tendency to keep wasting time for days once I start doing it...have to keep myself in control and stop browsing the internet for the next 30 days. A complete time waste!!

Finished Boistat finally. Now starting questions.


Next month on 17th I will be at the prometric. Hope and pray that God be with me that day.....and every moment of every day.....Ameen.

Last night could not sleep well, so slept in the morning.
Starting Peds today.


Oh yeah u are right ur exam is close so keep working hard. But just a little break is always refreshing I'll keep u in my prayers & you'll rock this exam at your very best! May God be with you. Are u taking self asessment test?


Thank you so very much for your support and prayers Hepe......your words always make me happy. Stay blessed smiling facenod

I will take assessment tests but want to revise a little bit before that.

I decided to start revising MTB from today and will keep doing Peds a little bit everyday. Hope it works.

Starting with Peds for an hour or two.


Starting my day....

today's target:
Peds a few pages, not sure how many, 10 will be good.
Cardiology from MTB2
2 blocks of questions.


So far..... 20 pages MTB and one block

Dinner break.


Read only a few pages of MTB. Starting my 1st block of UW.


I am sooooo slow today shaking head Have been day dreaming most of the time, thinking about all the parties I am going to have after my

Just did one block of questions.

Now dinner break and then will do another block before setting off to bed.


Will try to finish Cardio from MTB2 today.


Could not finish Cardio...well, tomorrow is another day nod

Did one block of questions, starting the 2nd block.


Good morning smiling face

Have to finish Cardiology today. Could not sleep well and woke up early. Will read a little and will take a nap when tired smiling face

hepevirus, where are you? Hope everything is fine and you are studying well smiling face


Finally!!!!!!! Done with Cardiology. Also did one block of questions. Will start 2nd block after a little break.

I am having this weird feeling as if nothing is sticking to my brain. Seems like what I previously knew, don't know it now sad and all the questions I am getting right are only because I am doing them the 2nd time sad I hope all this is just my mind playing tricks on me shaking head


Today is Endocrinology. If some time is left then some Rheumatology too.


Yesterday I read Endo and did a block of questions.

Today will try to read Pulmonology and do 2 blocks.


Finished Pulmonology and one block.

Moving on to 2nd block.

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