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 Just 8 weeks  

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Great work Can DO! Just did oncology today!Doing some q's now. I dont know for Gynecology & OBs should I go thru entire kaplan or something else. Kaplan seems very intense for subjects other than medicine.


You are right. I read OBGYN from Kaplan with lectures once but that was long time ago and believe me I cannot recall any thing from Kaplan. Now I think I should have done UW more instead of Kaplan.
Probably it also depends on what score you are aiming for.

Today is my final day for Medicine reading. Have to do all the left over topics like Derm., Ophthal., Preventive med. etc. and Two blocks of ID. Please God help me accomplish my today's goal.


CanDo wrote:
Hi all forum members,
I decided to start keeping a daily log of my progress to stay focused, which is a big time problem for me.

I plan to take my test on January 17, 2013. So I have exact 8 wks. I have done all subjects once from Kaplan. Now plan to do IM from MTB2, Peds from MTB2 and 3, the rest of the subjects from Kaplan. I am doing UW for the 1st time, only 700 questions done so far.

My plan is to finish one read of all subjects by Dec.7 .

I will be doing IM 20 pages daily + one minor subject 20 pages daily + 66 questions daily.

Nov 17 Target = 20 pages Psychiatry + 20 pages IM + 66 questions

Done with 20 pages Psychiatry smiling face Will watch videos and will report after finishing the videos.

I made some changes to my original plan:
No time for Kaplan, so all subjects from MTB2
Will finish 1st read on Dec.10 instead of 7. It is taking me longer to finish stuff.


Did two blocks of questions but could not finish IM today. Very tired now. Just want to sleep.


Starting my day with "poisoning" wink


LOL hope u had a great day even that u started with Poisoning! I dont have any worth mentioning acomplishments really just studied allergy & immunology from MTB, doing some q's now.


Hepe....the sense of "urgency" comes only when you have scheduled your exam, before that things move peacefully smiling face...Enjoy this time of relaxed studies. You are doing good BTW...don't worry, just keep moving forward.

I started surgery today. My most neglected subject. I have done just one read of Kaplan. Now I don't know how to deal with it. I am planning to do questions from UW and take it from there. God please help me.


hmmm..interesting Can DO I guess I should at least pay my exam fees so I can feel a bit pressured everyday. But I guess my next reading will be a lot quicker hopefully.
Hope you are doing good with surgery, Are you using MTB 2/3 for surgery or kaplan or something else? I think I like surgery & dont want to pick a wrong book for it. Lets's keep going towards our goals!!nod


No, no, I am not saying that you should rush. You are reading every day and going steady. I was so unmotivated in the beginning that could not read daily. Now I look back and think that I should have been more serious a few months ago.

Anyways, I decided to re read Kaplan for Surgery. I like Surgery too and it is very interesting in Kaplan. I like OBGYN and Surgery very much and ironically these both are the subjects I neglected the most. Hope I can make up now.

Today is Surgery again. Let's see how much I can accomplish. I CAN DO it with God at my side nodnod


May God be with us all the time & guide us the right path towards success! Ameen!I think u are doing great just dont get stressed out if u cant finish what u planned, i think this was my biggest mistake when i was studying for step 1. If I couldn't finish something on time, I used to keep thinking abt it & also ruin my next 3 days i wasn't able to study well until i broke the vicious cycle. Stay positive I find u quite motivated, an inspirationsmiling face Hope u'll be done with surgery soon.


You are right only loose more time thinking about the lost time.. lolzz.... I will try not to do that. How much have you covered so far?

Today is Surgery again. I finished only half of it so far. I think I will have to give it two more days, that is today and tomorrow. Let's see how it goes today.

Please help me God.


Good luck guys smiling face

On Dec 09, 2012 - 3:16 PM, CanDo responded:
Thank you Match2014 and Good luck with your prep smiling face


Thank u match 2014.Good luck to u too. CAN DO I'm doing nephrology today & Doing some q's from hematology. Want to start one minor subject along with medicine dont know wich one should I pick surgery, GYN or psych!CAN DO If you are doing surgery from kaplan I must say you are doing great cause there's a lot of information, it's not possible to skim the book in one day may be if u are superhuman or something grin, so keep steady & you'll finish it soon.


Yes, Hepe....a lot of info... but Kaplan Surgery is interesting and as I have read it before so I thought it will be at least familiar to me instead of doing it from a totally new resource. I am at it smiling face

Hopefully will finish it by tomorrow and then will be OBGyn. Same dilemma there. Read it from Kaplan before and NOT from MTB. Now Kaplan is too lengthy and MTB will be all new, unfamiliar. Suggestion please rolling eyes


Can do I read some Gynecology from Kaplan its good but there's a lot of information that might be overwhelming but when I looked at MTB 2 I guess a lot of information was missing from there. I have no idea if the missing information is very high yield or not. If you would ask me I would choose one source of book that I can study few days before exam so Kaplan reading I would do only once as I did for step 1 & after that only for the topics which I could not understand. But I guess for this u need to know first what is high yield & what is low yield. Get some expert advice or have an idea from Q bank which topic is being asked over & over. I dont know if revising all kaplan over & over is a good idea or not. Follow ur instinct!


You are very right Hepe...Kaplan is too much for OBGyn. I have decided to go with MTB2. MTB plus UW should be enough I think. Even this is too much to cover and retain in too little time. I am doing the best I can and the rest I leave in HIS hands.

Hopefully I will finish Surgery before going to bed tonight.


Started Ob today.


great ! congrats u finished surgery. keep going !! i was having some sore throat today had a really lousy day. hopefully will get better soon.


Feel better soon Hepe.......nod ..... and thank you. I hope things will stay in my brain at least till my exam wink

Today is OB again.


thank u Can do yes i do feel better now. Continuing with my nephrology & bits & pieces of gynecology. I was surprised there was no Cervical neoplasia in mtb 2 in detail sad I hope u are doing good at OBS ! Let's keep our fingers crossedsmiling face

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