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 Just 8 weeks  

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Starting the block of questions.


What I read today:

16 pages IM

2 blocks of questions

Tomorrow's goal is 20 IM+10 Psych pages and 2 blocks of questions.


Good morning!!!

Starting with IM


Read one chapter from MTB and did one block of questions

It took long to read the chapter, so could do only one block. Will try to do better tomorrow.

Now will read some Psych and will call it a day.


great going buddy, you are doing your best! Good luck smiling face

On Nov 27, 2012 - 8:08 AM, CanDo responded:
Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouraging words!! I really needed them today. Feeling so down since if I can never make it sad


dont worry at all. I think if u keep this pace u can achieve ur goal. Your journal actually motivated me cause i was going very very slow. Just keep going I'm sure u CAN DO IT for sure smiling face


Hepevirus, thank you so much for the kind words. I was about to delete my journal today thinking that I am not doing well. You brought me back in the battle buddy. THANK YOU!!

You can join me in reporting here if you like smiling face

I did one block of questions. Now moving on to the next block nod


Ypu have an amzing journal so please dont delete it smiling face I made a journal for step 1 it really helped me to stay on track. Been lazy for step 2. But I want to do it quickly as well. Alright I'll start reporting in your journal from today, Today I studied Acute coronary syndrome with my sp, went really well, I started hematology lectures by conrad fischer today. I love all his lectures. The only q's I started so far are Q&A by FA. will suscribe to UW by next month. Going back to dr conrad lecture on hematology now.

On Nov 28, 2012 - 7:28 AM, CanDo responded:
Oh Wow!!! thank you so feels so good to have company smiling face

Enjoy the lectures. Yes, they are good, although I could not listen them all because I was pressed on time.


Last night I was too tired to report my progress.

I did two block of questions and half chapter of Nephrology from MTB2. Finished reading Pshych. as well

Today's goal is:

Finish Renal
2 blocks
One lecture of Psychiatry ( the one with Psychiatric Meds. )


good work !! i did just hemolytic anemias & 2 chapters from kaplan gynecology.


Good going Hepe!!! Keep it up smiling face

Yesterday I accomplished my goal smiling face. Today I haven't started yet as had to take care of some other stuff.

Starting now.

Hope to do 2 blocks of questions and one chapter from MTB.


Last night was too tired to report my progress. I did one chapter from MTB2 and one and a half block of questions.

Today's goal:

2 blocks + one chapter


Yesterday finished one chapter and one and a half block.

Today's goal is Hematology from MTB2 and hopefully 2 blocks.


Great going Can DO. I wish I could reach that stage quickly when i can finish hematology in one day. I still have 2 topics left for hematology. Did u do kaplan & dvd's before?

Weekends are always busy for me but have to finish hematology today. Also doing some q's but only 25 may be.


Ohhh Hepe.... don't ask me how I got to this stage sticking out tongue...... I am still not where I should be but thank you very much for the nice words smiling face

Yes, I listened to the lectures and read Kaplan once but I think that was not enough for me. I wish I had done it at least twice and had done it at fast pace but I am not that motivated at the beginning of my prep and did everything very very slow. Now I cannot recall anything from kaplan notes or lectures sad ...... but I am realizing that my big mistake was not doing UW before. I am doing UW for the 1st time and still have around 900 questions left.

Now I look back and think that I should have done the following:
1:Kaplan notes with lectures, MTB and UW all at the same time and and fast, while writing notes on MTB
2:Revise MTB and UW
3:By this time I should have taken the NBMEs and work at my weak areas

Ahh...all my laziness and wasted time sad

Anyways, please keep me in your prayers and all the best to you.


trust me u are in much better shape than many others. Dont regret abt the past Keep up your pace. Soon u'll be closer to the end. You are not lazy at all doing 2 blocks of q's & reading entire MTB in few weeks cant be done by someone lazy wink To be honest I'm the laziest one here, & the thing is I'm still being lazy confusedbut an optimistic onewinkCouldn't finish hematology even on the weekend cause I had to watch this new film. But I hope everyday tomorrow will do betternod so no more entertainment for me, tomorrow is a new week & new hopes I think as u said I might get UW subscription & start it right away. Thanx a lot for the suggestions CanDo! I like ur name even it has so much hope in itself smiling face Wish u all the best!

  #37 don't know how important your encouraging words are to me nod .... I open my journal and get a spark of new energy from what you write here, God bless you for that smiling face

It is GIT for me today, hope to finish it and two blocks of UW

YES!!! I CAN DO it.... We all can do it!!!!


I'm glad if I'm of any help smiling face I love this forum, it always gives me hope even in my most desperate times.Today I finished all the hematology finally& now doing some q's. Studied cardiology with my SP & tomorrow will start with something new.
GIT sounds interesting, Enjoy smiling face


Yayyy!! good job hepe..... Hematology is long and confusing. Good thing you are done with it. Keep up the good work smiling face Have you planned your exam or not yet?

I am starting Neuro today. Hope to finish it and 2 blocks of questions. I have a lot to cover in such little time.

Happy studies smiling face nod


Done with Neuro reading from MTB.

Starting questions now..... ahhh...miles to go before I sleep.

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