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 Just 8 weeks  

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Hi all forum members,
I decided to start keeping a daily log of my progress to stay focused, which is a big time problem for me.

I plan to take my test on January 17, 2013. So I have exact 8 wks. I have done all subjects once from Kaplan. Now plan to do IM from MTB2, Peds from MTB2 and 3, the rest of the subjects from Kaplan. I am doing UW for the 1st time, only 700 questions done so far.

My plan is to finish one read of all subjects by Dec.7 .

I will be doing IM 20 pages daily + one minor subject 20 pages daily + 66 questions daily.

Nov 17 Target = 20 pages Psychiatry + 20 pages IM + 66 questions

Done with 20 pages Psychiatry smiling face Will watch videos and will report after finishing the videos.


Done with videos of 1st 5 chapters of Psychiatry.

Now moving on to questions smiling face


Could not reach my today's goal.....but still more than half is done.

Psychiatry= 20 pages + videos
IM= 14 pages
Questions= 30

Good night smiling face


Good morning journal!

Today's Target :

20 pages Psych. + videos + 20 pages IM + 66 Questions

Done so far:
20 pages Psych.
Watching videos

Have a good study day smiling face


Read 27 pages of IM instead of watching videos smiling face
Moving on to videos now.


Today's accomplishment:

IM= 27 pages
Psych.= 20 pages + videos
Question= 15

Better than yesterday but not there yet.


I had to be away from studies for three days now.

Will re-start tomorrow with new level of energy and motivation.... smiling face


Good morning,

I am back in the game today. Starting with UW questions. Will report at finishing 1/2 block in 1&1/2 hour, at 11:15


Okay, done with 22 Questions.

Now starting IM. Target 20 pages.


Finally finished my 20 pages IM with lots of breaks smiling face

Now dinner break and then on to questions.


Dinner break was unexpectedly long sad

Starting the remaining 22 questions of the block.


One block complete.

10 min. break and then on to 2nd block.


Well, UW sight is closed for upgrading.... and here goes my plan of doing the 2nd block.

Anyways, will read some psychiatry now.


Today's accomplishment:

IM= 20 pages
Psychiatry= 20 pages
Questions= 44

Not there yet, but better than before.

Tomorrow is another day....need to do better tomorrow.


Beginning of a new day!!!

Starting with IM....goal 30 pages.


So sad that still could not finish 30 pages....too many distractions disapproval

I am starting the block of questions now, and will finish the remaining pages after that.



What I finished today:

30 pages IM
10 pages Psych
One block questions

It's been a whole week and I could not pick up speed yet... I found out two reasons for that:
1: I get frequently distracted and lose time
2: I start my day late.

Will try to fix both problems tomorrow. Will wake up early and will start early.


Starting with IM

Will report every hour to stay motivated.


Read 6 pages.

Will report in an hour.


Finished my today's IM portion smiling face

Lunch Break!!

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