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 Exam: April 3rd Score: 250  

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How many questions would you say (per block) were from "newer" things that you never saw before in UW or FA?

I just don't feel like I have the ability to use online resources efficiently enough to add points to my overall scoring.

Perhaps this is more important after you reach the 240-250 level though. I'm guessing until you hit the 240-250 mark UW + FA or MTB is enough and should be focused on first and foremost.

On Apr 29, 2013 - 7:17 AM, P4a99 responded:
I cant come up with a percentage but its definitely a minority.

Look, when you are reading UW and FA or MTB, you will come across contradictions. Thats when you will need to do your research.


Next best step for stable and unstable trauma to the abdomen?

Next best step for aortic dissection?

What to screen a homosexual patient for?

Which vaccinations are contraindicated for a patient with immunosuppression?

Latest guidelines on screening for cervical, breast, and prostate cancer?

You will find conflicting answers to the above questions in books and UW. The safest bet is to look them up on reputable websites.


Thanks for the input. I had no idea there were so many conflicting answers. You'd think there would be one authority to comment on these. I guess clinical judgment is biased upon the authors scope/experience in medicine.


dear friend, I need a honest answer . How much you got when you first time tried the fred 150 free sample qs. I dont understand the med friend usmle score corelator.I got 80 percent which says only 217 and according to usmleworld score I should get around 250

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