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 Exam: April 3rd Score: 250  

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Good Worksmiling face keep going.....
you are just doing your notes or MTB too? How about kaplan Qbank ? as i finished UWQs with my wrong ones and now doing kaplan Qbank. Plus i have UWQ notes also so just confused what to do if you won't mind can you let me know your study plan till exam? Thanks

On Mar 11, 2013 - 12:08 PM, P4a99 responded:
I have done FA, UW, Rx, all once. Now I am reviewing. I havent decided my last couple of weeks schedule yet. When is your exam?


UWSA 242.


Started a second read of FA.


Reading FA back to front.

~ 390 pages left.


350 left.


316 pages left.


~254 left


216 remaining


good luck with ur exam. I will probably sit for mid may. I am doing usmle world qs .Will do kaplan q bank too. please share ur exam experience and give us some insight.


150 pages left


Exam done. Now I wait.


looks like you rocked the exam


Some one told me that USMLE WORLD is the only q bank u need for the exam. Do u think, doing kaplan is also necessary.

On Apr 22, 2013 - 10:09 AM, P4a99 responded:


hey did you do on your ck?


yea, did u get ur score out


Yes, on Wednesday. 250 smiling face


WOW. Congrats! That's incredible.

238/250 Looks like you'll be landing a great residency in the coming months.

On Apr 28, 2013 - 8:45 AM, P4a99 responded:
Well, I have no US clinical experience, so thats a huge drawback. I still have CS too. I am planning on matching at a Uni program, so that will be challenging.


I'm sure you'll be fine. I know people with lower scores than yours who matched into university programs with no USCE. If you're a fresh grad then you're still in good shape for this year.


congrats!!grin Good luck for the cssmiling faceam sure, u gonna rocksmiling face
can u share your experience?
i need advice on reviewing the blocks of uworld?

On Apr 28, 2013 - 10:55 AM, P4a99 responded:
Honestly there is not much to say. I used UW and FA just like everyone else. If you hate FA you could do MTB. I hate Kaplan, so I went with FA. hehe I doubt it will make much difference. Always do Qs in mixed/timed/ unused 44 blocks. Always online. Take the UWSA. Read all explanations. Very basic preparation. Nothing over the top. Try to look things up online every once in a while. Uptodate, USPTFS, CDC, medscape, or wikipedia or medstudy series. Nothing too serious. Just make sure the info you are reading is up to date. Cuz most books have been written many years ago. And CK intentionally asks a few "new" things. Most Qs are covered in UW and FA. Of course not all of them are. For the brand new questions asking about things you have never heard of, you usually need to use your common sense and extrapolate from basic concepts that you already know.


Thankyou so muchsmiling face

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