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 Exam: April 3rd Score: 250  
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Author163 Posts

Unused questions: 60%

Cumulative performance: 74%


Mashalla smiling face


starting u world today bro
are u studying full time
i just have 1 month off fulll time


I have got 2 months of fulltime. When is your exam exaclty?


i want to take it in april
slot is marc-may
hw about u

On Feb 11, 2013 - 9:03 PM, P4a99 responded:
April 8th.


Carotid stenosis intervention:


>60%: Carotid end arterectomy

<40%: medical therapy



>50%: CEA or CAS

<50%: medical therapy 





Left: 49%

Overall correct: 74%


Overall correct: 74%

Unused: 40%


Unused 35%

Correct 74%


Unused 31%


you are really persistent smiling face keep going you will do good

Good Luck

On Feb 17, 2013 - 11:40 PM, P4a99 responded:
Thank you. When is your exam?


Unused 26%


Overall correct: 75%

Unused: 17%


I just completed UW. My total is 75%
577 incorrect answers.


Hi all ,

Im new here , I like this energizing atmosphere and would like to be a part of it , my exam may 1st , im reviewing USworlds blocks .. and MTB and my notes..

best of luck .


P4a99 .. how did u find UsmleRx blocks in comparison to UW ?
tougher or easier ?

is it worth to purchase it ?

On Mar 02, 2013 - 2:30 AM, P4a99 responded:
Rx is easier and less "high yield". I used it first because I did not read any books.


good work keep it up what are you studying beside UWQ? i suppose to take exam in first week of march but i change it i hope i can finish this exam soon with all the ups and downs

Have you taken any NBME?

On Mar 05, 2013 - 10:32 AM, P4a99 responded:
No I havent taken NBME or UWSA.


thank u P4a99 .. hope ur preperation is going great ..

so do u guys know any tougher Q banks and KAplan other than UW to use for practicing and assessing my progrss ??

On Mar 05, 2013 - 10:34 AM, P4a99 responded:
More than 80% of my prep is UW. If you have time, do the other banks. I cant recommend any others as I have only done Rx and UW.


Reviewing incorrect UW answers.


Reviewed all incorrect answers. Next, my notes.

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