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 My steps to step 2 CK,result: 244  

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Pediateric+surgery from MTB2+1/3 of psycho FA done. Tomorow will take my first NBME. Im not sure which one but i heared number 3 is understimating and because i want to keep number 4 for last week, I might choose Number 2...


1block pediatrics: 75%


Good Luck smiling face


Good Luck!


Disappointing nbme 2: 225 sad
Doing uw...


Keep the "timed/mixed/unused" scores coming in!


Hey match 2014 I think you are doing just great . U already took NBME that's one step closer to success. Dont worry next NBME will be much better. Good luck & all the best.

On Feb 05, 2013 - 1:35 PM, Match2014 responded:
thank U Hepe so much, i really was shock last night. I hope my next NBME will be better. i think my big problem was stress management!! I was too worried about time, and i think it made me not to read qs well..lets see my progression.

how is ur preparation? have u scheduled ur exam? did CANDO take the exam?


1block uw: 82% God please kill me!! how UW qs are easy for me but i did horrible in NBME??

last night i was crying until midnight and all the had nightmares about NBME and CK sad...

will start 2nd block after lunch

keep studying, never give up 


Excellent score. You will do great.


1 block uw: 61% disapproval


1st block: 61%

2nd block:77%



3rd block:75%


4th block: 82%


what the hell are Drug Ads ??? what they expect from us??!! readying article in a 8h exam and interpret for them??!!! when there is only 1 min for 20q and 2min for 20 q??!!!! ....only 1h break!!!!  its something we should report to UN as a human right violation grin


lol u r right sisnod


I got your ACA question and answered it correctly hehehe

I confused orbital cellulitis with cavernous thrombosis though :/


On Feb 06, 2013 - 8:59 PM, Match2014 responded:
IN cavernous sinus thrombosis: bilateral symptom+papilledema


in Q ID: 4529: uw says Chlamydia test is mandatory in all woman in first visit. gonorrhea in High risk only(Fa says both are mandatory)

Q Id: 4530: uw says Chlamydia test only in high risk woman??!!!!



1st block: 66%

2nd block: 73%

3rd block: 84%

4th block: 73%

Edited by Match2014 on Feb 07, 2013 - 10:47 PM


- Cocaine related cardiac ischemia Rx: BZ, aspirin, nitrates.

On Feb 07, 2013 - 2:48 PM, Match2014 responded:
BZ first then CCB


- In a patient with proximal muscle weakness and atrophy look for signs of thyroid dysfunction before you jump to PMR!

On Feb 07, 2013 - 2:58 PM, Match2014 responded:
smiling face)), i made this mistake too. prolonged DTR along with other symptoms is the characteristic...

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