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 IM: IVs/Rejections Thread 2013  

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is it abnormal to be not worried AT ALL about where I match..??  my friends are a nervous wreck.. I on the contrary made myself a delicious meal continuing my celebration. 


I prob would have been nervous if I wasnt hungover lol


lol @ clean_press.. 


jervilllange1 ... thnx so much .nod

Do not have to be super fast ... will let you all cool down / sink in ur great match then ask Q next wk earliest .smiling face

By the way is that worth to spend time [ will eat up my 1 mo study since am still work on my st 1 & 2 though CS done last yr .. mean I'll ends up apply late] & money for Miami, observer ... I have to spend for air, accommodation on top of program [ that is ok but rests will be pricey ].

Congratulation all again nod

Wish you all match at ur dream specialty & program nod


Big congratulation to ... bbb ... program all fill is a v good news .
Seems new system work well for your program since I remember old system ... some still have to fill program by scramble.

I am a bit concern re the new match system since being grad for a while /long long ago, need visa, no USCE but in med clinic jobs for some time except last few yrs ... usually IMG get pre-match if score is right & good interview, that give you early peace of mind & to get visa on time .

To wait for match day is like wait for CS result that barely come grin I know it's not comparable though.smiling face


ok now i am a lil nervous


Excuse my language please, but hell motherfuckin yes I matched at fuckin Drexel baby!!!!!!

fly me to the moon


smiling facesmiling face


i dont believe what just happened.. i matched at st. luke's roosevelt.. HOLY SHIT BALLS..!! 


congrats to @jervilllange1 and are gr8 source of motivationnodsmiling face


oh yea!!!!!!!!1 University program and that too one I loved!!


a little classic rock ;-).


now i'll keep listening to led zep all night.. my favorite is "stairway to heaven" though


University at Buffalo!! smiling face

Anyone else here going to be braving the cold with me??

Jervillange1 and clean_press - AWESOME. Especially your choice of Celebration Music grinD


Matched at my 1st choice...Presby Hospital, Dallas, TX!


kiousagi that's sick awesome , what a terrific match you need to rename yourself mr. miyagi yo


I'll just annoy everyone with one more song post, its another classic rock tune, good for building faith in yourself m stuff

stone cold believer - 38 special


Congrats everyone! May the good times roll!


matched at AECOM/Jacobi prelim! =)


Neurodreamer wrote:
matched at AECOM/Jacobi prelim! =)


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