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 IM: IVs/Rejections Thread 2013  

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matched :-), wonder where now?


congratulations Drs well deserved


wooooooooooooo!!!!!! Im still in shock.. after all the crazy exams, paperwork, sweating the interviews, tears and anxiety.. this was the craziest journey iv ever taken - got a few white hairs in the process! But man, this feeling i hv right now - it was all worth it. Thank you God,
Congratulations to all you amazing people who matched..




Well done y'all. Congratulations.


Still in shock

Anticipation of where !


bump if uv checked the nrmp email more than once!! just to confirm ur not dreaming!! hahahah


Matched!!! =D


Congratulation to you all , well done nod.

Looking forward to hear more good news & where about too .
Also some tips for IMG where to apply, do observer even free one & not free , might lead to residency / good LOR .

Anyone here had done Mt Sinai, Miami observer from int med to others ?
If so where to stay for decent place , thnx .


I matched!!

Thank you guys so much for your support (even though I haven't really posted much, I've been following this forum from Step 1 prep days).

And to Jervillange01 - congrats, I remember you from last year's thread - so happy for you smiling face

As always, still here to help any of you that need anything smiling face



@Kalleda... thank you so much and congratulations to you too..

@everybody else..  you are more than welcome to ask for help.. cant promise to reply super quick.. but i will reply. 



congratulations to all of you...

let us know where did you matched.


another deadly wait...I wish the system worked like...people who matched knew the program the very same day


I agree all this waiting is difficult.. However, this wait is a lot more easier. I can finally sleep at night and dont feel the urge to pull out my hair! grin

But here it goes for the second countdown
48 hrs to go!!!!


I feel y'all. Its def not as bad as waiting for match, I just think its dumb that they do this, just report it on day one if its not going change during the week then why does it matter to hold on to that information. smiling face))))))winkgrinraised eyebrow


the puppet masters wanna see us sweat for a few more days perhaps??!! wink

correction 48 hrs and 30 mins to go!


It makes you and the programs sweat - we find out at the same time that you match and programs fill. And now we wait.


Matched smiling face
Congrats everyone.


after such a long time good so see you back heresmiling face


COngrats shaiz , hopefully we get good prOgrams !Super excited right now

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