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 IM: IVs/Rejections Thread 2013  

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Hi all,

So, the match have started and l thought of starting this thread. It might be a bit early, but it will keep people in touch.

As you know, remember to share your credentials with us when you tell us about your IVs or rejections..

All the best.


I know its early but when should we expect any invitations/rejections?


I think it's different this year because of the change in dates. But who knows? May be soon!


Hi! Last year people were already getting iv/rejs by the 15th.. but it would atleast take a few days for the programs to go through the applications rt?
Count me in for the IM match by the way.. the waiting game officially begins!! Goodluck to all!!!


yea lets start the game by "Waiting!!" ugh


Remember to put your credentials:


Steps & Attempts -

Visa -

Research/Pubs -



All the Best!



Hi guys, noticed that a few programs started downloading the application over the weekend itself.. that was pretty fast!!!


Hoping for the best!


It's best to do like last year's thread and put credentials in signature spot if you'd like.

I'm not participating this year but I do follow these threads whenever I can.

Best of luck to all!!


Count me in too.


Thanks for starting this thread. God help us all. Amen


Count me in.May our dream come true!!


Good luck everyone


2012 grad
Step 1 - 251
Step 2- 253
CS- pass in 1ST
USCE- 1 month clerkship at brown univ hospital
LORs- 2, us, waived.... 2 indian
Step 3 in nov
minimal research
need j1/ hib
applied to 167 programs


Good luck every1..!!   n yes plz write ur creds in ur signiture.. when this thread goes on till 1000's of posts.. it is very difficult to track creds for future reference.


I don't know if it's a good idea to join this thread. Not sure if it'll be a comfort or a source of more anxiety. But since it's early and I'm still optimistic, I think I'll give it a go.

Good luck to all of us smiling face

Also, not sure how to post a signature, I'm just drawing a line and writing what I need to underneath

2010 Grad, 235/224/CS - all first attempt, Citizen, No pubs, USCE - 3.5 months


Hi Kalleda! You can put up your signature by going to inbox and then to edit profile.. Goodluck to you too!


Thanks wink

Also, how do we tell if programs have downloaded our application?


when u open myeras.. click on ADTS.. they'e u'll see which programs have retireved ur appli and on which date

good luck


254 / 261 / Pass / not giving step3 / YOG 2011 / don't need visa / USCE- 2 months clinical electives 12+ months private clinic externships / 6 LORs - 5US, 1 non-US / no publication

applied to about 150 programs.
gL every1

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