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 Neuro Applicants 2013 gather here  

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I was literally gonna post the exact same thing lol, i could barely pay attention today


I just cancelled my last 4 interviews - I didn't want to go. Also cancelled 3 some months ago. I figured, I have (had) 12 IV's, I attended my top 5, I feel good about those, screw the rest. 

One of the places I went, PD and chariman encouraged me to rank them highly, chief resident said "bests answers today" and "I think you would be a great match for us", former chief resident said "if you're ever in town for a second look, you can crash at me and my wifes place". lol. Ha, so that is my 5th choice, but if the other ones don't want me, that one sounds pretty solid :P

I'll post again on March 15th smiling face


Just wanted to check - has anyone gotten interviews in January?


nope, only rejections.
My last iv was dec 31st.


Am I the only one having trouble with the ranking?
My first choice is easy, but my top5 is painful. For me the most difficult part is to weight reputation/good training vs. location.


For me it's incredibly easy. However, if I get my 5th pick, I will be less than enthused...


Lol...I don't have that many programs to rank that I have a hard time choosing smiling face. Problem of abundance :P

Good luck everyone...I hope we all have some good news to share in March!


Matched, uni program.


congrats obecalp...


Congratulations, you have matched! =D


Congrats neurodreamer!! Hope I get the same response for the NRMP next year!! All the best and God bless!!!


@ sparx2010,

thank you so much, buddy. Wish you the best of luck!


Congratulation all match !

Neuro is hard to get . Well done & hope you all can guide us for where , how to apply & do observer in neuro, thnx .


Congrats guys! Fingers crossed for ending up somewhere warm!!


Congratulations Neurodreamer, Obecalp and everyone else!

I matched as well smiling face

For those who are in the process, remember to keep the faith. The journey is chaotic, frustrating and unexpected - but things fall into place in the end. All the best smiling face


Congrats to everybody who matched....smiling face
I did not match as did not have even a single invite, no hopes from SOAP either...shaking head

Happy fellas, kindly pray for me...sad


1st choice grin grin grin


Obecalp wrote:
1st choice grin grin grin

Congrats Obecalp

What is the program you matched at?


Rather not say, but it's top notch. Extremely happy

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