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 Neuro Applicants 2013 gather here  

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Two programs gave me only one date.


I don't think that they separate us, in fact they might want to have a mix of applicant on each IV day... I think if they give us IV the dates are randomly assigned by coordinators.


@Anonymous, 3 out of 20 is awesome, I have applied to more than double that number and have none ...can u plz share ur creds?


Hi, all,

if anyone interested in interview practice, please send me message

Many thanks

Edited by hippocampus1 on Oct 30, 2012 - 3:54 PM


That's good.


@ all, has anybody heard any one with CS attempts getting a neuro iv this season???

I know every yr cs attempters used to get neuro ivs and even used to get matched, but I dunno what happened this year...

Plz guys, do lemme know....


hi, anyone have iv from UMDNJ - New Jersey? I received an iv confirmation but couldnt reach the department for accomodation etc. Thx


Rej UPenn - only rejections this week!

Well.. I've just attended an interview here in Texas. There was no tough question. Only those like tell me about your self and your interest for neurology. It seems that most interviewers have not read much of my ERAS application, but all were really nice and the interview was just a conversation. I learned that texas people in general are really friendly and according to the other applicants that have interviewed in other places in texas, it seems that most programs are like this. There were 3 IMGs (1 IMG from a Caribbean med school) and 5 AMGs interviewing today.

wish the best of luck for those in the interview trail...

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That is good.


Nice, thanks a lot


IV Uni program in Saint Louis (yes, they e-mail me on Saturday!)


Neurodreamer wrote:
IV Uni program in Saint Louis (yes, they e-mailed me on Saturday!)


Neurodreamer wrote:
IV Uni program in Saint Louis (yes, they e-mail me on Saturday!)

Good to read about your experience in Texas, Neurodreamer, when's the next one? I have my first one coming up in Nov end in Kentucky. Thought I'd be nervous, but at this point I'm just comfortably numb (rejections v/s interviews trend) smiling face


My next interview is tomorrow here in NY. Very excited! I haven't seen snow for 20 years.

Man, I am enjoying so much this moment of my life. If I get this position, I will entitle myself the embodiment of the american dream... smiling face

By the way, another rejection from Columbia, fair enough =p

the game is not over guys... more IVs are coming, just wait for it and go relaxed for the interviews to make an excellent impression!


@Neurodreamer: I also received a rejection from Columbia - and from a few other programs to go along with it. I IV'ed at SUNY Downstate Brooklyn yesterday, the faculty was nice and the residents seemed happy.


On a more curious note, I received an invitation to do a phone interview with a PD from a program in the South; allright, even though I knew it was a dodgy program I still applied to it, but I definitely won't take that particular program into consideration.


My 2nd interview was today in NY.

Again, it was a very nice conversation, no tough question or anything. It was nice that they did read my application and recognized my hard work.

By the way, another IV from MA.


I got 2 more IVs last week, which is really good & keeps my hopes alive for receiving more IVs!

Any one knows how many applicant have applied for neuro this year? I wonder if an increase in number of apllicants has influences number of IVs to FMGs?!


Rej Cleveland Clinic

and the rejection rain does not stop...


3rd interview (Boston)

Hi guys, just to share with you my last interview. Again, the interviewers were really nice. We talked a lot about my previous research work and my clinical experiences in the US. Be prepared to talk about anything you put in your ERAS application. One interviewer asked me about the qualities I think a resident must have to excel. They also like to ask why I applied to their program.

I am very talkative, but I have had some difficulty to talk much at the dinners because in my last two interviews I was the only IMG, and the AMGs only talked about skiing, baseball, football, american tv shows, and things very specific from american culture that I have never heard about, but all of them were nice, and helped me to engage into their conversation. For me, the dinners have been more difficult than the interviews. Simply because I am not american. However, I have had a great time at the dinners, although sometimes I kinda get a little lost in their conversation.

Wish the best of luck for all!


This thread is wonderful. Thanks for all.

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