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 Neuro Applicants 2013 gather here  

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Hii all fellow applicants. Anyone applying neurology this year? pls drop a hi n lets be each other's company in this difficult time.

GL to all smiling face


Hi there!
So this is our year :-)


Count me in smiling face


Me 2.


Oh thats great! big hello to suk_koma, obecalp and doofus12. haha nice name doofus12!!grin.

guys dont forget to post any IVs or rejections.

keeping finger crossed and GL to u all


hey guys one quick ques....... did u guys already applied to prelim IM yr? or one sud wait to get IVs n apply afterwords?

any inputs?

any1 has any IMG frndly prelim yr list? that would help a lot.

thanks in adv smiling face


I had the same questions myself. I do remember reading in a thread somewhere else that one person was waiting for IVs from programs, following which he planned to apply to their IM Prelim spots.


thanks Neurogirl, to quote a famous bard 'what's in a name' (everything) :P. hope one of the forum seniors can answer the prelim q - i had the same doubt


count me too


got the first rejection from University of Chicago.


Got my first interview!!!!! Whoo! smiling face

In New York! 


congrats obecalp smiling face


First kill! Congratulations Obecalp!


Congrats Obecalp. Would you please give us a summery of your credentials? I wish the best of luck for your interview.


TY! And good luck to you all smiling face

I have good scores, but my creds over-all are not that good given that I lack USCE.

Fresh grad 2012 from good european medical school.

USMLE: 269/264/PASS/Not given (all 1st attempt)

LORS: 4 NON-US, 3 very strong

PS: Very strong.

Research exp part-time 18 mo, no pubs.

Am applying only to categorical positions.


Obecalp insane crazily outstanding credentials!!! Congrats and all the best for the match, m sure ur gonna do great!


Obecalp *I bow to thee*

Those are some awesome scores, congratulations on the iv!


Obecalp!!!!!! nod


Amazing scores Obecalp. Keep us updated with your interview experience please.


congratz obecalp!! my o my those scores are something!!

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