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 to BBB regarding match applicatio  

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i am planning to apply for match this year
passed ck -212(92)
step 1 failed once in 2007 by 1 point -giving in nov now
cs - results will be out in oct
grad- 2004
img -need visa
will be able to get 2 lors by end of oct ,3rd in dec
applying to FM,IM,PED

should i wait till cs result is out to take token and apply?
should i wait till step 1 result is out -sometime in dec?
or should i apply now with what i have or atleast take token.
will it be too late to apply in nov?
can i apply 2 LORs initially and then 3rd later in dec.?

please answer my queries,i need help.
thanks in advance

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You waste your money if you apply without having a certificate in your hands. Programs receive >200-400 applications, and as far as I know, most of them are candidates with all their paperwork cleared (BBB, please correct me if I'm wrong). So it's best to save that money. If you want to find out how the whole process goes, apply to 10 programs, that's what you get with the $92 dollars you paid to ERAS. And watch how it goes. You learn a lot through the process without draining your money. It's best to have all the paperwork ready before applying. My 2 cents.


def don't apply with an incomplete application,

I only got a couple interviews with an incomplete app as an IMG last year, I applied to like 100 programs. I think that ECFMG cert is important, you need to have all your letters in or you'll just throw money in the garbage


thanks guys
also when is last date i can apply


umm its different for diff programs, but as an IMG you really want to get everything in asap, like in the next 2-4 weeks maximum, more like 2 weeks, after that it becomes more and more difficult, try to get it all together asap, even tho deadlines are like from end of nov to end of jan, even if you do still get interviews I have a feeling that they pick the candidates they want to rank asap.

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