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 Gyn post graduate over. job in NZ  

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i am a post grad in obg/gyn in india. can any one help me how to get a job in newzealand ? like wat r the tests i need to take in order to start working in newzealand ?

please give me info, like what is the plan to be followed to work as a obg/gyn doctor ?


hi allrounderiam. i think your in the wrong forum. you should try That's where you should ask. There are a lot of img's there who are applying to be a dr in new zealand.

This is where you should be reading as well

You have the option which exam you may want to take to be allowed to register. You can take PLAB, AMC, or USMLE. However, after these exams you still have to take NZREX. Check the websites. Good luck!


People are moving to New Zealand for the employment and different lifestyle. Life down under is never the same again for the people who make the move to this tranquil and beautiful Land of the Long White Cloud. It is not all days of wine and roses, however. Learn about the plus and minuses, before you set sail!

How to Get a Job in New Zealand:

OB/GYNs may work in a variety of health care environments, from large teaching hospitals to family planning clinics. The mixture of work varies according to the practice choices of the physician.

Some OB/GYN doctors receive specialized training in gynecologic oncology and perform surgery exclusively. Many OB/GYNs practice both obstetrics and gynecology, often with the same patients. Others choose to pursue one of the two fields specifically; technically, obstetrics and gynecology are two separate specialties that we commonly combine since many doctors practice them both. Obstetrics and gynecology both focus on the health of a woman's reproductive organs, with obstetricians specializing in reproductive health during pregnancy and gynecologists focusing on the health of those same organs outside of pregnancy. -read more:

Medical residency training programs are considered a necessary part of a medical graduate students’ career not only because they provide hands-on practical experience in a clinical setting, but lead to a licence to practice medicine without supervision by a physician. However, the being accepted into a residency program is not a simple process. Residencies have been associated with long working hours (over 100+ hours per week), on-call shifts, sleep deprivation and poor pay (just over $10 per hour or around $40,000 per year).


There are many website on Internet where you can get all information related to how to get OB/GYN job in New Zealand. But i think you need to first get medical residency programs.

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